With Christmas done and dusted, now it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for all those Capricorns and Aquarians, whilst not forgetting to get yourself ready for Valentine’s Day! If, however, you are free from having to gift hunt for a few months, then perhaps it is about time you treated yourself to something new and exciting for the New Year? Is your living room due a bit of interior design re-vamp? Do you have some tired looking utensils in your kitchen that desperately need replacing? Our busy buyers have taken some time out of their schedules to hand pick their top 10 products, items they themselves have their eyes on for a little New Year treat!

Cool Utensils

Get your salad all shook up with these funky alternative salad spoons for £8.49. Click here for more information.guitars

Fancy a cheeky cuppa?

Indulge in the sophisticated taste of loose leaf tea with an added fun twist with this cute monkey tea infuser for £7.99. Click here for more information.

What do you fancy for lunch?…

…I’ll have whatever is in the fridge! Brighten up your lunch break or treat your kids to a lunch box that has a subtle quirky quality with this fridge inspired food storage box for £10.00. Click here to buy.
Snooze too long you lose!

Do you spend too much of your precious time in the morning snoozing the alarm? Sounds like you need to force yourself out of bed with this runaway clock! £32.99, click here for more information.

Excuse me please, I have very important business!

Perk up your husband’s business trips away from home with this comical suit carrier from 24 Dientes for £16.99. Click here to buy.


This champagne cork inspired side table would make an unusual, yet handsome addition to anyone’s living room, especially for those who enjoy something a little more unique. £119.99, click here for more information.

Keep calm and snuggle down

After the madness of Christmas and New Year, having a snugly bed to help you recover is essential! Why not update your bedding and pick up this beautiful Egyptian cotton double duvet cover set from Hotel from £65.00. Click here to buy.

Twenty two to two

With telling the time an everyday part of life, why not make it a little more interesting with this stylish clock with an innovative twist…no more interpreting clock hands and numbers in your house! £149.99, click here for more information.
Whisking has never been so easy!

Be the ultimate fairy godmother and whisk up some delicious fairy cupcakes in no time with this ingenious tool for £12.00. Through the simple power of motion, the hidden mechanism turns a push around the mixing bowl into a firm rotary whisk! Click here for more info.
New Year replenishment…

With much to celebrate over the last month or so, it is quite possible our glass cabinets suffered some damage. Why not top up your glassware collection with this pair of stylish champagne flutes for £6.99. Click here to buy.

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