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The Best Valentine’s Card Ideas: How To Choose

The best Valentine’s card ideas are those that say something about your relationship. There are many paths that you can choose, but only you know which one will take you to the correct destination.

That’s an awfully roundabout way of saying that you shouldn’t feel compelled to follow the crowd or repeat past decisions. Think about your partner’s personality, all the traits that you love about them, and select the Valentine’s Day card that fits.

To help you on this journey of the heart, we’ve highlighted different types of Valentine’s cards and offered our opinion on whom they would appeal to.

Funny Valentine’s Cards


One of the hallmarks of a strong relationship, in our opinion, is a good sense of humour. When you commit yourself to spending most of your time with one person, it’s a bonus for that person to have the ability to laugh and make you laugh.

Is your special someone the type of individual who is seldom seen without an ear-to-ear grin? A funny Valentine’s card is exactly what you’re looking for.

Naturally, humour is subjective, which means you’re going to have to make your selection carefully. Dry humour works for some, but others would rather the joke slap them in the face — metaphorically, of course.

Either way, we have confidence that if your relationship is meant to be, you won’t have to think too hard. A smile on your face is a smile on theirs, right?

Rude Valentine’s Cards


The word ‘rude’ has many different connotations, so this section might be better described as ‘dirty’ or ‘naughty.’ We’ll let you deliver the final verdict.

Regardless of your vocabularic preferences, the end result is the same: these Valentine’s cards are for those who are sexually liberated, unwilling to follow the modest traditions of previous generations. They’re bold and uncensored, showing good humour and a mutual desire for intimacy.

Before you make an impulse purchase, we would strongly suggest that you consider the outcome. Most people enjoy the physical side of Valentine’s Day, yes. But you shouldn’t confuse bedroom romance for actual romance. If you don’t pick your audience, you might find that ‘rude’ has evolved into ‘emotionally immature.’

Thoughtful Valentine’s Cards


It’s a cliché, but there’s a reason why heartfelt messages make for such a large quantity of the best Valentine’s card ideas. People like to feel loved. They like to feel that they’re the most important thing in the world to you, that your love is as boundless as morning sunlight, that no matter how many days, months, or years pass, you’ll always be there.

The design through which you choose to express this tenderness is entirely up to you. You can be cute, sticking to the tried-and-tested ‘I love you.’ Or you can be a total heartthrob, breaking down those emotional barriers and disclosing your innermost thoughts.

Don’t forget to supply the tissues.

Unique Valentine’s Cards


This is quite a broad category, and if we’re being honest, you could describe a lot of things as ‘unique.’ Nevertheless, we think that some of the best Valentine’s card ideas are the ones that are truly, indisputably different.

What does this entail? Perhaps an oversized card, one that features pop-up imagery, or one that is multi-layered. These small alterations to the usual format will help separate your card from the millions of others purchased in February, adding a unique touch to what would otherwise be an unremarkable gifting convention.

Personalised Valentine’s Cards


It’s safe to say that most people prefer to buy a ready-made Valentine’s card as opposed to designing one themselves. While this is a convenient and time-saving approach, it does sacrifice the level of personalisation necessary to capture the nuance of a relationship.

Now, we should say that making a card from scratch is not the easiest of tasks, so if you’re lacking on the creative side of things, we don’t advise going to town with the scissors and glue. Unless, of course, your other half finds a primary-school-level art project particularly endearing.

There are other options, however. In the online space, you will find tons of retailers who offer card customisation. (These are great accompaniments to a personalised item of Valentine’s clothing, which you can create on Personalised By IWOOT.)

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