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LEGO Technic

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LEGO Technic Sets

Arguably the most comprehensive and thorough building experience out there for adults, boys & girls, LEGO Technic sets offer an innovative construction process like no other.

First introduced to us back in 1977 as the then-named LEGO Expert Builder series, it was developed to provide a much more challenging and advanced building experience for fans of all ages and it’s certainly delivered.

Now over 40 years old and boasting an armoury that features well over 400 different Technical sets, it’s an arm of LEGO that continues to grow and provide us all with new challenging kits to get stuck into.

These differ from standard LEGO brick sets with them comprised of smaller, intricate parts to create something extra sophisticated that even go on being fully interactive in some cases.

Often modelled on real-life vehicles whether it’s supercars, helicopters or boats, they can even be controlled by your smartphone following completion which makes them very popular with builders!

Each Technic LEGO set is authentically detailed and designed, packed full of cool features and abilities that make them such a rewarding construction project - with some even coming with working motorised functions that allow you to not only create but get behind the wheel of your creation.

LEGO Technic Cars

Many kits within the collection are developed in partnership with leading vehicle and machine manufacturers, with their collection of car sets in particular really standing out.

Their partnership with these big-name brands has led to some huge collaborations over the years, which as a result has provided us with some pretty epic sets.

Here at IWOOT UK, our selection of LEGO Technic sets features many of these, ranging from the Land Rover Defender and Porsche right through to the Bugatti Chiron and the famous Dodge Charger from the Fast & Furious!

Developed alongside the makers of these famous vehicles, no detail is spared. These kits often consist of thousands of pieces meaning that patience and time are required to build them, but it’s so worth the investment.

These innovative kits are without a doubt the most technical of construction toys which is why LEGO Technic sets are so popular and always growing.

Technic LEGO Trucks

The majority of the car collection is built up from fast, high-speed supercars but if your interests lie elsewhere in the world of vehicles, we have a feeling some of these may be right up your street.

The LEGO Technic truck collection features all kinds of powerful and useful larger vehicles that require a hell of a lot of building – take it from us.

With pieces for these kits coming in the thousands, these big trucks and cranes aren’t for the faint-hearted. But in return for taking on the challenge, you’re rewarded with something pretty special at the end of it.

Tough builds come in the form of the Rough Terrain Crane, 4x4 Crawler, Mobile Crane and the hugely popular LEGO Technic Liebherr R which is without a doubt one of the most testing and intensely detailed sets out there.

LEGO Technic Remote Control

Many of these advanced sets are tailor-made for collectors who want to build something special and show it off, making them ideal gifts for adults.

But younger builders may want to create something and have fun with it, which is also where the collection shines.

Technical LEGO sets come packed full of innovation and technology, many featuring motorised, moving parts which make them much more than just a selection of bricks and blocks.

Many of which boast remote controllability all from your smartphone – pretty impressive right? After completing the fun building process you can download the Control+ app and literally bring your creation to life, giving you the ability to drive around to your heart's content.

If you're something of a petrol head or are on the lookout for a unique gift, our selection of LEGO Technic sets will provide them with a challenging present that'll live long in the memory!