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Printed Mouse Mats

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Printed Mouse Mats

Transform your work (or play) space with IWOOT UK’s wide range of printed mouse mats. Unlike your regular office accessories, our products provide plenty of colour and inspiration. Now you can become the talk of the IT department with something that reflects your personality, making your nine-to-five day a solid ten out of ten.

Personalised Gifts

For most sane individuals, the mouse mat is probably the last thing on their mind. However, the IWOOT team is certifiably bonkers, so we’ve put a rather excessive amount of time into turning these run-of-the-mill items into something that everyone will want. If you’re tired of the bland and monotonous, we invite you to join us.

Check out a whole host of products, featuring artistic designs (from nature to astronomy) and wacky slogans (relating to our beloved pets and other halves). Funny and motivational, these items are either going to make you laugh your head off or type up reports like a machine.

Of course, the world of computers isn’t all centred around work — many of us enjoy some recreational activities, such as gaming or watching funny cat videos. Hours can fly by in minutes, and with that much time spent clicking buttons on a mouse, it pays to be prepared. Our mouse mats offer support to your wrist, meaning that you won’t wake up the next morning with a severe case of cramp.

A Click Away

Do you know someone who can’t seem to step away from their computer screen? This is the perfect opportunity to treat them to a personalised gift, suitable for any special occasion (birthdays and Christmas included). Find a personalised slogan to show how much you care, or pick a comedic design to provide some hearty laughs.

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