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Bed & Sofa Cushions by IWOOT

They may not be the biggest thing in your living room or bedroom, but believe us, they sure are one of the most important. And one of the comfiest.

Let’s just put it out there. Cushions are great. These guys support your body, show off your style and make the room just generally look and feel warmer. They slot in right at home on the sofa, your bed, any seat or even the floor, making them truly versatile whilst always retaining their comfort.

They’re a relaxation must-have when it comes to unwinding on the sofa after a long day at work or getting cosy in bed. But these aren’t just there to keep you comfortable, they’re also pretty nifty pieces of home décor, coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes, enabling you to emit some of your personality and style.

Your Sofa’s New Best Friend

When you think of power couples in the world, sofa’s and cushions should immediately come to mind. A couch without them just doesn’t look right, it looks dull, sad and in need of some company. Some comfy company.

Adding cushions to your sofa can transform it, making it much softer and cosier. They can also help your posture, ease the strain of your neck and add some real warmth to the room through their eye-catching designs. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them ideal for all kinds of sofa’s which makes them a must have.

Seat, Bed & Scatter Cushions

Our collection of cushions can be used for a number of purposes. Whether it’s to add another level of snugness on your bed, create a layer of comfort on a seat or a spongy surface on the floor.

Coming in square, rectangular and round shapes along with both small and large sizes, you’re bound to discover your perfect comfy companion.

Shop by Theme & Franchise

Our extensive range of cushions is pretty big we must say, with our selection of designs providing plenty of inspiration when it comes to adding some soft furnishings to your home.

Here you can shop by theme, unearthing plenty of unique designs that can be as funny, wild or ridiculous as you desire! Our designs range from being rude and silly right through to featuring some of your favourite animals along with even gin & prosecco – it’s some collection.

And for the movie, TV & gaming fanatics, it only seems right you have a comfy partner when tucking into your entertainment which is where our Nintendo, Jurassic Park & Harry Potter cushions really come into their own – perfect for the bedroom or living room!

Colour, Style, Comfort & Fun

With over 2000 different designs along with various shapes and sizes to choose from, we think it’s pretty fair to say that our range of cushions has all bases covered. Life your best comfy life and pick a design that really enraptures your style, personality or hobby at IWOOT.