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Hasbro Toys

One of the real icons of the world of replicas action figures and games, shop IWOOT UK’s extensive range of Hasbro Toys for all things movie, TV & gaming.

Suitable for fans and collectors of all levels, our selection of Hasbro games and figures make great gifts for any lover of pop culture, offering quality and authenticity like no other.

Hasbro figures give fans the chance to get hands on and closer to their favourite characters and franchises like never before.

Long Established Legacy

Hasbro Inc. has been a kingpin of the toy world for some time now, but it may surprise you to hear that their origins date way back to 1923.

The brand was founded by the Hassenfeld brothers Henry, Hillel and Herman. Originally named as ‘Hassenfeld Brothers’, it’s gone onto become a real icon of the gaming, toy, action figure and collectible world.

It really made its name from its collaborations with big name franchises including Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, Ghostbusters and many, many more.

Hasbro Games

There’s much to shout about when it comes to Hasbro Inc. but one product that is synonymous with people around the world is Monopoly.

Hasbro has a bustling gaming selection, but Monopoly is the one that truly dominates. You’d struggle to find anyone who hasn’t heard of or played this super fun property trading game before and Hasbro have utilised their franchise connection to bring out a variety of editions.

You can now play everything from movie, TV & gaming right through to music and location based games – with plenty more in the pipeline to be released. You’re not going to find a gift much better.

Hasbro Collections

This is another area where they really stand out from the competition. The number of collections on offer make it the home of franchised replica’s and collectibles.

Fans can shop their Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Marvel Legends and Black Series collections which enable you to really get hands on with your favourite characters and movies like never before.

Prop replica’s such as Darth Vader’s helmet, Thor’s iconic hammer and the Avengers War Machine helmet are truly one of a kind and an absolute must-have. There aren’t many better gifts for movie lovers.