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LEGO Duplo Sets

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Introduce your little ones to a world of infinite possibilities with IWOOT UK’s wide range of LEGO DUPLO sets. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion — whether that be a birthday, Christmas, or Easter — these are without a doubt the best gifts for kids.

Made For Kids

LEGO DUPLO (a name derived from the Latin for ‘duplex’) hit the scene in 1969, created for young children from ages one ½ to five. The idea behind these products was to provide larger bricks than your standard LEGO (double size) so as to reduce choking hazards while also making them easier to use with smaller hands. In spite of this fact, they are still compatible with regular bricks.

All LEGO products adhere to what is known as the LEGO System Of Play. This means that all bricks, no matter the size or when they were created, should be capable of slotting together. When LEGO DUPLO was being developed, the company therefore needed to devise a larger brick that would still be compatible with existing and future products. To achieve this, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (a Managing Director of The LEGO Group) came up with the idea of hollowing out the studs.

The original DUPLO bricks came in four specific colours: blue, red, yellow, and white. They also included various figures, which were proportionately bigger than normal LEGO minifigures, allowing them to be compatible with the new bricks. Additionally, they cannot be disassembled, reducing the risk to children.

Since the debut of the theme, LEGO have released many different sets: buildings, cars, trains, planes, figures, and more. Manufactured out of Hungary, these products also draw inspiration from some well-known franchises, including Spider-Man and Cars.

Double The Size, Half The Price

Do you know a young creator? Buy a gift that will allow them to nurture their creative appetite in a safe environment. Our line-up of products includes various sets suited for different interests, including the Town Amusement Park and Minnie’s Birthday Party.