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Blankets & Throws

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Blankets & Throws by IWOOT

We all need someone there for us on those long days, cold evenings, times we’re feeling unwell or perhaps when we want to take a sly afternoon nap. But this someone we’re referring to is indeed a something and they’re soft, warm, and never let you down. Blankets and throws.

These pieces of home décor are both yours, your bed and sofas best friend. Offering snug comfort and cosiness unlike no other.

Fleece blankets come in all kinds of colours, themes, designs and even feature characters from your favourite franchises, making these snug and versatile accessories a must-have item of homeware.

They offer protection from those dropping temperatures, a great friend to snuggle up to when deep into a gripping series on Netflix, whilst also providing texture and style to any room in your home. Our selection of soft blankets come in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns which will make them right at home, in your home.

Bed Throws

The bedroom is the room in our home that needs to offer the most comfort. It’s the place where we nod off and get that all-important beauty sleep, recharge our batteries and rest up after a busy day. But in order to achieve peak relaxation, we need a few things ticking off the checklist, one being a nice bed blanket.

Adding one of these to your bed set-up will add an extra layer of snugness, warmth and protection on those frosty evenings. Ensuring that you retain warmth and look pretty cool in the process - something you’ll realise as you browse through our massive selection of designs.

They can really make your room feel even cosier and come in handy over the summer months when your duvet combines with the heat to make things a little too hot - providing a much milder option. Because as much as we love the sun, we love our sleep more.

Sofa Throws

Blankets and beds go hand-in-hand but that doesn’t mean the couch should be forgotten. Sofa throws are also a staple of the living room for many reasons, with their warmth, colour and texture adding new elements to your surroundings.

Our fleece blankets will compliment your current couch and cushion arrangement because let's face it, a sofa without some cosy companions looks a little dull and sad. It's time to upgrade & unwind.

Blankets are at home in the bedroom, but in the living room, they can really come alive and form an important part of your décor set up. Our range of sofa throws includes over 1000 different designs that can be as vibrant, stylish, modern, silly and chic as you desire – all of which will become best friends with your couch.

Your New Best Friend

When it comes to making a house a home, soft furnishings are always a great win. They add texture, cosiness and warmth to any room that they’re in which is no different when it comes to a good fleece blanket.