Collectible LEGO® Super Mario™ toy building sets bring a family-favorite character into the real world. The action begins with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, featuring the highly interactive LEGO Mario™ figure. Great for group competitions and nurturing kids’ problem-solving skills and creativity, this modular LEGO playset can be rearranged and combined with Expansion Sets to create unique levels. The free LEGO Super Mario app also offers many fun ways to enhance play.

Starter Course for real-life LEGO® Mario™ adventures!

Kids can team up with their favorite character in the real world with this LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course. The set features a LEGO Mario™ figure that gives instant expressive responses via the LCD screens and speaker.

Players earn virtual coins moving LEGO Mario from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via spinning and cloud platforms, the ? Block, and super battles with the Goomba and Bowser Jr. toy figures. Rearrange the bricks to create new levels to master!

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Enhanced Play

A free LEGO Super Mario app is available for enhanced play with this gift toy for kids. It has zoom and rotate viewing tools to make building easier, suggests other creative ways to build and play, and is a safe forum to share ideas with friends.

Mario Unlimited!

Great for solo play or group competitions, LEGO Super Mario sets bring a family-favorite character into the real world. This Starter Course and the Expansion Sets offer unlimited challenges and nurture problem-solving skills.

LEGO Super Mario Sets And Kits

Put a hop and a skip in your jump with IWOOT’s wide range of LEGO Super Mario sets and kits. These are perfect for both kids and adults alike, bringing this classic Nintendo character to the physical world.

With a variety of different playsets on offer, we’ll have you shouting ‘Yahoo!’ in no time while soaring through the air aboard your loyal Yoshi.

A Nintendo Classic

Nintendo Super Mario has been around since 1985 and has become one of – if not ‘the’ - greatest video game franchises of all time.

Thanks to its ingenious platforming design, players were able to steadily grow their skills and explore the fantastical Mushroom Kingdom, among other famous locations.

Build The Mushroom Kingdom!

LEGO Super Mario sets allow you to bring this iconic video game character to the real world by recreating the engaging gameplay previously seen exclusively on consoles. With start course and expansion sets, you can keep expanding upon the core experience - all while nurturing problem-solving skills for kids.

Here you will find minifigures of your favourite Mario characters, including Bowser, Peach, and – of course – Mario himself.

By overcoming the various obstacles laid out in your path with these characters (including cloud platforms, spinning blocks, and battles), you can earn virtual coins. And once the course has been completed, there are many ways the blocks can be rearranged to create new challenges – and an equal amount of fun.

The sets also utilise LCD screens and speakers, bringing the different LEGO Super Mario characters to life in an interactive way.

Download the LEGO Super Mario app for enhanced play, providing zoom and rotation viewing tools for easier construction of the sets, suggestions for alternative ways to build and play, and a safe space to share ideas with your friends.

Jump Into A New World

Experience Super Mario like never before with this inspired take on one of gaming’s greatest franchises. If you are a long-time fan of the series, you owe it to yourself 1-Up your collection.

What are you waiting for? Get involved, and save Princess Peach from the clutches of the King of the Koopas, Bowser!