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The 10 Best Christmas Jumpers by IWOOT 2022

IWOOT UK have created their very own festive jumpers for women and Christmas jumpers for men for the upcoming festive celebrations.

Like everyone, we are attempting to be as prepared as possible and begin the gift shopping, but lets face it, it’s just not festive unless you’re sporting a Christmassy winter warmer.

We realise it’s a little early, but trust us when we say you’ll want to get them before it’s too late. IWOOT UK has dedicated some lovely designs to these sweatshirts featuring the biggest memes and trends of 2022 that have been swarming our screens for the best part of the year to celebrate that 2022 is almost over.

So, without further ado, let us introduce 10 Christmas jumpers by IWOOT that will have you thinking, “Yup, I need that,” and will undoubtedly put you in the race for the greatest festive outfit.

1. Keep My Christmas Turkey Out Your Fucking Mouth

No, your eyes are not deceiving you; the meme that was all over our screens earlier this year has been turned into a sweatshirt, which we will undoubtedly add to our cart before they all sell out. For those who are unfamiliar with this classic 2022 one-liner, remember when Will Smith marched onto the Academy Awards stage and slapped Chris Rock? Why did he start such a commotion? Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was referenced in the joke, which started this weird moment. And if things weren’t sufficiently awkward enough, Will Smith won best actor for his role in King Richard later on in the evening. Of course, with a festive touch, this is the ideal opportunity to make this fantastic meme festive.

2. Dear Lord What A Sad Little Christmas

A throwback for all of us! Taking it back to 2016, there was the wonderful Come Dine With Me, which spawned numerous memes. After learning that he had finished fourth, contestant Peter Marsh vented his rage at his fellow competitors. It’s reasonable to assume Peter was displeased, believing that first place and the £1,000 cash prize were rightfully his, with the fantastic remark that stays in our thoughts on a daily basis, ” You won, Jane. Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life, Jane”.

This fantastic line became and continues to be a classic phrase that looks like it will be widely known and used for many years to come. The brilliant designers at IWOOT UK cleverly developed this festive edition with the iconic Peter Marsh, wishing you a sad little Christmas, but hey, he is just jealous!

3. My Face When You Thought…

Normally, people would recognise Leonardo DiCaprio from amazing films such as his role as Jack in Titanic (he could have fit on that door, but that is a story for another time), Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, and so many more, but in recent years, this film star has become a meme due to his great facial expressions that people have creatively used in their favour. His performance in Django Unchained was one of the best in recent years. The scene in the 2012 film in which the actor produces a snarky and amusing grimace while holding a glass of wine has gone viral.

Many meme creators have utilised these screenshots for memes in a variety of scenarios, with many even wearing this wonderful meme as facemasks. So, with a splash of festive sass, this excellent jumper has been made to provide some great chuckles as well as let you break the news to people that you are not being very Santa-like this year, with only a few presents to be given out.

4. Word Puzzle Christmas

Wordle was one of the fantastic things to come out of 2021, which otherwise as a year has had mixed reviews. These web-based word game became everyone’s addiction and is still a daily practice for many people. Six tries for a six-letter word may appear simple, but that grey area after entering a word can actually make your day go from bad to worse. With this Wordle sweatshirt by IWOOT, our creative team has done it again and helped us remember the good of recent years.

5. Merry Christmusk

This year has undoubtedly been an interesting one for Elon Musk, who has been extremely busy. While everyone is trying to conserve money and give their bank accounts a rest, Musk continues to surprise us and has been declared a huge part of 2022 now that he is featured on an IWOOT festive jumper. Musk’s attempt to purchase a social networking platform demonstrates that your year can’t be all that bad and maybe look on the bright side to get into the Xmas spirit, which will almost certainly result in some laughter.

6. Use In Case Of Energy Crisis

As the price of our energy bills slowly but surely increases, it helps to be prepared. This unique Christmas jumper is the ideal backup when you can’t quite bring yourself to switch on the radiators.

Add a few extra layers, and snuggle up with your housemates. The government may not be the most reliable helpers, but IWOOT has your best interests at heart with this piece of ‘festive’ attire.

7. Merry Christmas From The Metaverse

The metaverse, or communal virtual shared space, has exploded in recent years, with Facebook, Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola, and many other major businesses joining, with many assuming that we will all be brought into the metaverse in the next few years if we haven’t already been. To keep up with the times, a metaverse Xmas jumper has now entered the chat.

8. On The Third Day Of Christmas My Dog Stepped On A Bee

Nothing is worse than your dog stepping on a bee, according to Amber Heard, who became a major meme and even a TikTok sound when her court hearing with Johnny Depp was live-streamed. A lot of remarks were made, but her dog stepping on a bee really went viral and stole the show, so much so that video after video on TikTok and Instagram Reels featured Amber Heard’s tough day, but all we wanted to know was, “Is the dog okay?”

This live-streamed court case became a big topic, almost like a series, and we tuned in every day from early April until May 16th, 2022, so it’s only fitting that this fixation, which we witnessed unfold, is now on a sweatshirt.

9. Save A Turkey Eat A Nut Roast

The festive sweatshirt to shame those carnivores has arrived for the veggies and vegans out there. Make yourself feel better about that cartoon turkey and shame those turkey eaters as you work to improve the environment. This is not only a sassy little festive jumper, but it is also a reminder to those preparing Christmas dinner about their vegan guest, so it really is beneficial to everyone.

10. Enjoying My Succulent Christmas Meal

More than ten years ago, a little-known chess champion named Paul Dozsa became a posthumous celebrity when footage of his dramatic arrest outside a Sydney restaurant for dining and dashing went viral with the best excuse to get out of this arrest, all he was trying to do was “eat a succulent Chinese meal”. We highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already. We all adore a Xmas dinner, no matter what your favourite element is (we love some crispy roast potatoes), so make it obvious and compliment the cook with this festive variation on a classic meme to enjoy your Xmas dinner in style.

To dive in the festive fever even further discover IWOOT UK’s complete range of Xmas gifts here.

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