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Scalextric Cars and Sets

Here at IWOOT UK we stock a range of Scalextric cars and sets ideal for any budding racer. Whether you want to buy your little one their first Scalextric set, or grow their collection with iconic cars, we have got you covered. These sets are easy to build and provide a whole lot of fun for kids right through to adults, so feel free to get one for yourself - for the nostalgic factor!

Where It All Started

You can go as far back as the early 20th century and find the first slot cars coming to life, but not how you’d expect them to be. Did you know that the beginnings of the Scalextric that we know and love started off being drawn by a model train? As years passed by, motor slot cars were being made with tiny gas engines until the late 1950s when electric versions were released - these were met with immense popularity.

So, where are they these days? You could say that they have come a long way – whilst most are battery operated, some models will even allow you to control your car using your phone’s operating system.

All The Nostalgia With Endless Fun

Back in the days when phones and the internet weren’t around, you’d expect hours of enjoyment with a set of these. Everyone remembers their first one.  You can relive those memories as a gift for your little ones, or even give yourself the ultimate throwback present. Whoever it is for, this nostalgic it is certainly going to be a blast from the past that will never get old. It’s more than just a toy!

Speed Ahead With Iconic Franchises

With the classics, you just can’t go wrong, so we’ve got some of the most well-known franchises such as a Batman and Joker racing set to take your pick from, allowing you can relive that drama and tension in Scalextric form. Shop our cars, tracks, and sets now at IWOOT UK.