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Unusual Gifts

On a scale of one to ten, how weird is the person you’re looking for a gift for? If the answer is a solid ten out of ten, then our novelty gifts here at IWOOT UK are just what you need. Shop our great selection of innovative, cheeky, unusual, and straight-up strange gifts and amazing offers, specially curated for their inner weirdo.

Funny Presents For One-of-a-kind People

They make you smile, so why not get them a funny gift that makes them burst out laughing? Teeming with originality, these presents could make great birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or just cool little treats for yourself. If it's a gift for him or a gift for her, you'll find something a little bit different here. From unusual trinkets for the home, to far from ordinary clothing accessories, this is the place to be for unusual present ideas.

For example, nobody is going to expect receiving a Friends collectible duck in the form of Monica, so give the colleague at work that doesn’t quit when it comes to Friends quotes a Secret Santa gift they’ll never forget. How about a prosecco bell for your best friend’s hen party? If your resolution is to get fit, roll our fitness dice and lunge your way to a perfect physique, just in time for your mid-life crisis, also known as your 40th. Ever wanted to make a mojito in a sock before? Well, you’ve just found yourself another out-of-the-box quirky Christmas gift idea.

Novelty Gifts: Things You Never Thought You Needed

We’re here to remind you that having a koala hot water bottle is an absolute necessity – make sure you have it on hand for minor aches and pains in an emergency! For your friend that enjoys a responsible tipple and is rarely seen without a beer in hand, how about a bottle opener in the form of a vinyl CD? You’ll be wondering why you’ve never had a bespoke backscratcher in your life before, but fear not, we’re here to answer all of your novelty needs.

What are you waiting for? For all things weird and wonderful, browse our collection of novelty must-haves now.