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Drinks Coasters

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Drink Coasters by IWOOT

It’s time to wave goodbye to those pesky strains and rings with one of our unique drink coaster sets.

These little contraptions may be fairly small in size but they prove to be a massive ally in your battle against stains left by your drinks because let’s face it – a dirty surface is an unhappy surface.

But just because they protect it doesn’t mean that they’re boring. Our selection of coasters couldn’t be further from it, with them available in a variety of colours and unique designs. But all equally as strong in combatting against condensation and spillages from your cold beverages and hot drinks.

Finding the right one to compliment your table and interiors can be a little difficult, but fortunately for you all at IWOOT we have a huge selection of coaster sets waiting to become best friends with your surfaces.

All Themes, Shapes & Sizes

Whether you’re looking for something classic, vibrant, funny or bold, you’re bound to discover it in our collection of coasters - catering for all kinds of styles, personalities and interests.

They do much more than just protect your surfaces from stains. They’re a great way of adding a bit of humour and fun in a really subtle way to your bedside table through slogans and comical themes. Or they can really be at one with your room décor through their elegant colours and abstract designs to give them a really classy feel.

Our range suits a range of settings whether it’s fun, silly or something slightly more premium and luxurious to add something a little extra to your nest of tables. With them also available in a number of shapes including hexagonal, square & round.

Franchised Coaster Sets

Alongside our in-house designed sets including motivational quotes, funny slogans and quirky themes, you can also choose from some including characters from your favourite franchises.

You can pick from Nintendo, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and even James Bond coaster sets – along with several others from movies, TV & gaming – that make a great little gift for any film buff. Or indeed a little treat for yourself. You decide.

Slate & Wooden Coaster Sets

One of the most important things to consider when picking out a new coaster set is the material. We look out for cool designs that suit our rooms, but at the end of the day we need something absorbent, durable and that can ultimately do the job.

In our range you can choose from a hardboard wood with a corked back that are both soft on your tables surface but also do the job in soaking up any condensation and drips that could potentially stain them.

Whilst our selection of slate coaster sets differs with them offering a much sturdier, battle hardened and tougher exterior, whilst offering some real nice quality. All the designs on our slate offering are engraved and can stand up to all kinds of challenges that your beverages may present.