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Tote Bags

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Cotton Bags

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish way of carrying all your things, then look no further than the humble tote. With thousands of designs and colours to take your pick from, get the bag of your dreams and browse our full range of tote bags at IWOOT UK.

The Perfect Casual Look

Tote bags are ideal for those days when you’re not carrying much around, making them the perfect alternative to backpacks. And if you do find that you’ve got a fair bit to carry, then don’t worry – we carry both small and large varieties, and these totes are made from durable cotton, so they’ll stay put together like your outfit. They’re great for casual days out, and all you need to do is pop the handles on your shoulder, making these shopper bags super easy to carry around with you on picnics, walks, when you're exploring on holiday and more.

If you’re looking for something a bit more laid-back for work or school, these also fit the bill perfectly. It’s an easy way to inject some more personality into whatever you’re wearing on any given day!

Tote-ally Fabulous Designs and Styles to Choose From

Not only are they highly functional for stepping out in, but our in-house designers have created stunning, hilarious, and unique designs to complement any outfit you’re wearing. Check out our variety of prints, including animal print bags, floral designs, and outspoken slogans that’ll really show off your personality. So, they tick all the boxes for being stylish and durable, but did you know you’re also helping the planet by choosing a cotton tote bag?

You can also reduce your plastic usage and skip the single-use plastic by swapping it for one of these. They are winners all around, so make sure you browse our massive collection of small and large canvas bags now, and get ready to upgrade your outfits instantly!