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Desk Lamps

Lighten up your world with IWOOT UK’s wide range of desk lamps. These are the perfect accompaniments to any table space, providing focused illumination to help you concentrate on the task at hand — whether that be work or play (we favour the latter).

For fans of pop culture, we offer tons of exciting products that draw inspiration from your favourite franchises: Star Wars, Mario, Halo, Harry Potter, and more. If you know someone who enjoys showing off their geeky side, one of these would make the ideal gift.

A Worker’s Companion

In the fast-paced environment of the modern world, it can be hard to find a suitable area to concentrate on important tasks during the day. As such, this means that we sometimes find ourselves staying up a little too late. The sun has waved its goodbye, yet we still have plenty of things we would like to do.

What’s the convenient solution?

Of course, we could switch on the room’s main lights, a giant beam that is guaranteed to leave our tired eyes sore. But wouldn’t it be far more pleasant to call upon the desk lamp for support? Small and focused, these lights offer the exact amount of coverage you need and can be manoeuvred as required. Not to mention that they look incredibly stylish.

Stylish Accessories

In our line-up of unusual table lamps, we aim to provide many different options. Turn your room into the Mushroom Kingdom with the Piranha Plant — which has quite fortunately chomped down on a miniature bulb — or go for something slightly classier with the Octagon One Desk Lamp. Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you’ll be able to work (or play) in a relaxing environment.

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