Is your girlfriend a dedicated lifestyle blogger? Are you struggling to buy her a gift that she will want to post all over her social media quicker than you can say ‘rose gold’? Look no further than IWOOT this Christmas! We have a few specially selected gifts for her that she is going to love. Read on and check out our top 5 gifts for bloggers.

Pug iwoot
Pugsy The Pug:

Dogs are a bloggers best friend, in particular, pugs. Now remember, a dog is for life, not just for Christmas so if you don’t think you are quite ready for the responsibility of man’s best friend pitter pattering around your home, we have the next best thing, Pugsy the Pug. Little Pugsy is just as cute as the real thing but he doesn’t need to be taken out on long walks in the rain, he doesn’t need to be fed (that will save some money, eigh?) & he is a lot less messy, what a winner! Pugsy the Pug is a heatable pillow pet that you simply pop in the microwave (we don’t recommend you do this with actual animals as this could turn pretty gross, not to mention it’s pretty illegal) wait a few minutes for him to cool down then simply snuggle & enjoy the warmth and lavender aroma of Pugsy the Pug, the perfect gift for her this Christmas.

Neom candle iwoot
Neom Candle:

If your girlfriend is slightly more classic & likes her minimal home décor accessories, you can’t really go wrong with a NEOM candle. Made from only the purest ingredients, NEOM candles make perfect gifts for her. Each scented candle comes in three different sizes, travel, standard & luxury so you can choose either one luxury sized candle you know she will love or you could pick a couple of the travel sized scents for her to try out. The candles are perfectly minimal and will look (and smell) amazing in any room, who knows, your Mum & Sister might like these as one of their Christmas gifts too!
Unicorn light iwoot
Unicorn Light:

Now we’re not sure about you but the idea of having a colour changing unicorn lamp in the office or bedroom just seems like it would be a right treat! This leads up onto the next item in our gifts for her list. The unicorn night light would make the perfect blogging desk companion. And the best part, no wires! This little guy runs on battery only so will leave plug sockets free & desk space tidy, brilliant. Who wouldn’t want a rainbow glowing unicorn lamp as one of their Christmas gifts?
Wonderland Cotton Tail iwoot
Wonderland Cotton Tail:

We don’t think you could ever find a cuter way to store cotton wool balls if you tried! Believe us, your girlfriend will love this Wonderland Cotton Tail bunny so much that she will just have to upload it to Instagram as soon as she’s filled the little critter up with cotton wool (hint: don’t forget to pop to the chemist & buy some cotton wool balls to complete this perfect prezzie.) Another great thing about this gift for her is that it is part of our amazing 3 for £20 deal so you could essentially buy three for the price of two & give the others to your Sister/Mother/Aunty/Cousin/keep it for yourself because it is so damn cute/Best friend…

Square Pug Mug iwoot
Pug Mug:

Everything comes back to the love of Pugs in the world of bloggers so why not get something to accompany Pugsy the Pug? This square Pug mug is pretty much blogging perfection. Just think of how many likes this baby will pull in on Instagram! As well as being insanely cute, the pug mug is also pretty practical for these cold winter evenings. It can handle coffee, tea, hot chocolate, you name it, we just can’t guarantee that your chocolate biscuits will survive the hungry pug! Who doesn’t love a mug? Especially a novelty mug, especially at Christmas! The Pug Mug is also available as part of our 3 for £20 offer so hurry, he’s not going to be in stock for long!

Happy shopping!

Which of our top five gifts for her picks are your favourite?

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