How To Make A Five-Star Hotel Bed At Home

Forget the mini bar, the room service, making a mess that you don’t need to tidy up, and all the other comforts a hotel brings.

Undoubtedly the best thing about hotels are the beds, which are the ultimate in comfort and always ensure you will get a good night of sleep.

There’s nothing better than sliding under the soft covers, wrapping up in the cosy duvet, and laying your head on the mountain of pillows and cushions that make almost a heavenly cloud.

In fact upon leaving the hotel many of us wish that our bed at home was just as great as the one we just stayed in…

And the good news is that it can be, with five easy tips that will transform your bed at home into one fit for a five-star hotel!

Simple Duvet Sets

Forget multicoloured and bright bedding – you won’t find that in hotels because quite simply it is just too much.

Instead opt for a set which is simple, clean and just one colour, ideally white or a muted colour such as a soft grey or pink.

And if you want to ensure it is the softest bedding possible, keep an eye on that thread count and maybe opt for a teddy option which is both cosy and plush.

Comfy Cushions

Remember that heavenly cloud of pillows and cushions we mentioned earlier that you will find at any luxury hotel?

Well this is easy to create at home by simply picking up some plump cushions that can lie on top of your pillows which will not only make your bed look extra inviting, but when it comes to sleeping time your neck will thank you.

Just make sure they match the colour of your bedding. Too much of a clash could cause quite the eyesore.

Soft Throws

Once you have your bedding and cushions picked out, a lovely throw to put over the end of the bed could be the perfect finishing touch.

As always pick one which goes with your colour scheme, and maybe something with a pattern too to differentiate it from the sheets.

There’s plenty to choose from all of which have different textures. And of course here at IWOOT we always go with the softest one!

Lighting Is Key

Once the bed itself is sorted it’s time to look at what surrounds is, all of which is just as crucial when it comes to creating a hotel bedroom environment.

Lighting is of course key as you will want to ensure it’s perfect for relaxation, helping you start to drift so once you turn the light off you will soon fall fast asleep.

Warmer and smaller lights than are ideal, perfect for reading a book just before you enjoy your slumber.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Even though the bed itself is naturally the focus, as we pointed out with lighting the area surrounding it is just as important to get right.

And this is where accessories come into play, something you can really have fun with to not only create a relaxing environment, but also this allows you to show off your personality.

Why not pop a print up above your bed which will help draw even more attention to it? You could also lay down a rug next to your bed so when you step out of it your feet hit a lovely, soft texture. For this, our fluffy sheepskin rugs are perfect!

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Emily Murray

Emily Murray


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