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10 Accessories To Spruce Up Your Living Room

When it comes to key areas of your home, the living room is certainly up there with the most important.

A good living room is a space where you can unwind, relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family. They provide a spot for you to chill, socialise and switch off after a long day at work, so it’s a room that needs to be kitted out correctly.

With this room you can be as wild and creative as you like, with it giving you the chance to bring some of your personality through into its presentation.

Choosing your colours and furniture is extremely important but it can be the little touches that really add that extra bit of character.

So if you’ve finalised your vision for your room and are looking for that final accessory to complete or you’re just in need of a bit of inspiration – you’ve come to the right place.

Here at IWOOT we’ve selected 10 of our favourite living room accessories that’ll help you turn your house into a home.

Including candles, wall art, soft furnishings and more, these living room accessories will transform your home into a chamber of cosiness in no time.

  1. Sunburst Mirror
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    Sunburst Mirror

    Mirrors can form a real focal point of any living room and this one from Sass & Belle is certainly an eye-catcher. It’ll always ensure that the sun is shining in your home regardless of the weather outside with it’s golden edges, which come in the form of rays. A stylish piece of home decor, this will add light and character to your room and it’ll certainly brighten up those cold winter days. A big thumbs up from us.

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  2. Eyes & Lips Fleece Blanket
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    Eyes & Lips Fleece Blanket

    This is one of the cosiest rooms in your home but for it to achieve peak cosiness – soft furnishings are an absolute must. These add warmth and most importantly comfort to your living room, perfect for those Netflix binges. There’s a number of cool designs to choose from but one that really caught our EYE was this eyes and lips blanket (see what we did there). Featuring some quirky artwork, this will become your best friend when you’re snuggling up on the sofa after a long day at work.

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  3. Tide Coasters
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    Tide Coasters

    Sometimes the smallest of items can make a big impact and that’s certainly the case with these Tide Coasters. Coming in a set of two, these chunky square coasters don’t only look nice on the eye, they also form a pretty effective barrier for your table against various drips and heat. Each one comes with a smooth stone surface along with a calming beige, making them ideal companion for your coffee table. They also come very nicely presented with a fine rope tie and make a great piece of kit for the home.

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  4. Large Sheepskin Rug
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    Large Sheepskin Rug

    If you’re looking to transform your home into a zen chamber, a rug is certainly an excellent route to go down. These can be added to a room to provide a contrast in colours but more important they offer great comfort and warmth – which this one delivers in bucket loads. This sheepskin rug from Royal Dream is indeed an absolute dream. It’s super soft texture makes it perfect for a number of settings – whether it’s draped over an armchair, a sofa or on the carpet, it always delivers. It provides the ultimate surface for your feet and coming in a classic black, it looks pretty damn slick. Definitely one of our favourite living room accessories.

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  5. Flamingo Ice Cream Art Print
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    Flamingo Ice Cream Art Print

    Filling up the walls of your room can be a difficult task. There’s so many options when it comes to wall art and this can be a real way to show off your interests, personality or a bit of quirkiness. Well, with this fab creation from Jonas Loose, it’s certainly the latter. This piece of art provides vibrant colours and a bit feel good factor to your home, in the form of a flamingo in an ice cream cone. Yep, you did read that correctly. This whacky piece of art is a real eye catcher and it’ll add a nice bit of nature and brightness, making this one of the best living room accessories. P.S. it looks pretty fantastic when framed.

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  6. Panda Yoga Sofa Cushion
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    Panda Yoga Sofa Cushion

    Cushions are another important piece accessory when it comes to turning a room into a living room. A good sofa cushion provides comfort and makes the room that extra bit snug, going hand-in-hand with a fleece blanket. And this is certainly the case with this number. Coming in a rectangular shape to provide extra relaxation, this will soon become your sofas best friend and it comes in a pretty funky design. Everyone loves panda’s and we all enjoy a bit of yoga, combine the two together and you unearth this godly creation. So much zen.

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  7. London Map Art Print
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    London Map Art Print

    More wall art and we’re huge fans of this one. Maps are always really cool things to look at and this one features the WHOLE of London. The capital is huge so there’s an awful lot of detail included in this which makes it such a good piece of wall art. This would really compliment a grey or light living room, with it’s black and white markings appearing super prominent. Combined with a thick black frame, it provides bucket loads of character. This would make a great addition to your room and it’s something that when you look at it, you’ll always notice new things.

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  8. Pigs Seat Cushion Square
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    Pigs Seat Cushion Square

    Cushions come in all kinda shapes and sizes and this number is one that certainly grabs attention. Available in a light salmon, its design is peppered with little pigs. Artwork really doesn’t get much better than this. And if that wasn’t great enough, it’s comes in three different sizes making it perfect for various seats and settings. Super soft and featuring a real unique design, we’re sure that your friends and family will be big fans of this. Oh and if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also made from eco-friendly materials. This isn’t one to be oinked at.

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  9. Grey Sheepskin Stool
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    Grey Sheepskin Stool

    Sheepskin rugs offer warmth and comfort like no other. They’re a dream on your feet and they look great in your home, but if only you could sit on one? Well, here your prayers have been answered. This four legged stool features solid oak legs and a sheepskin cover, providing plenty of luxury and snugness. This will add plenty of character and something unique to your living room. We’re sure that your friends and family will all be desperate to take a seat on this.

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  10. Luxury Scented Candle
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    Luxury Scented Candle

    Candles are a great accessory when it comes to relaxing and unwinding. They add a calming atmosphere to any room and they’re even better when scented, making your home that extra bit chilled. And it’s certainly the case with this one. This luxury scented candle from Candlelight is presented very nicely, housed in a glass and metallic gold vessel. And with a prosecco fragrance, it provides the perfect scent for you to unwind in the comfort of your living room.

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