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10 Cheap Gifts Ideas For Friends That Will Make A Big Impact

Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be mega expensive to mean a lot to your friends.

It can be difficult to find that perfect present for them with so many options available, especially if you’re on a budget.

But sometimes being on a budget can be a good thing. It narrows down your options and despite having a little less money to play with, you can still unearth plenty of hidden gems that’ll put a smile on your friends face.

Finding that perfect present on a budget can require a lot of patience and endeavour, but it makes it all the more rewarding when you finally come across that ideal item.

Small gifts can often be the most meaningful and here at IWOOT we have plenty of present ideas that’ll make a big impact on the lucky recipient.

Below we’ve sifted through and selected 10 of our favourite cheap gifts. They’re perfect for birthdays, stocking fillers or as a nice treat for a friend who deserves one.

All of our cheap presents come under £10 and they make great small gifts for men and women.

10 Small Gift Ideas

  1. Rick and Morty Playing Cards
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    Rick and Morty Playing Cards

    Playing cards always come in handy around the house, especially when you have friends around. There’s plenty of games that you can play with them and they’re a great way of providing a quick fix of entertainment – especially when it comes to ring of fire at uni. So combine them with the zany universe of Rick and Morty and you’re onto a winner. These playing cards feature the likes of Pickle Rick, Birdperson and Evil Morty and at just £3.99 – they’re one of the best gifts under £5.

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  2. Bulls**t Button
    £8.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Bulls**t Button

    Does your friend often come out with ridiculous, far fetched or exaggerated stories? Then this gift may well be for them. The bulls**t button is used to combat these exact situations, so it could come in very handy. But on the flip side, your friend may never be able to hear themselves speak again! A novelty present that’ll wind up your friend but a thoughtful gift at that!

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  3. Where's Boris? Hardback Book
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Where's Boris? Hardback Book

    Whether you like it or not, Boris is here to stay. But in this quirky book he’s decided to try and pull off a disappearing act – it’s down to your friend to find him. This hardback has the PM in a variety of situations going from crowded scenes, zip wires and bikes in places such as Beijing and the Bullingdon Club. It’s their task to find him and it may sound easy – but it’s bloody not.

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  4. Grow Your Own Ghost Chilli
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Grow Your Own Ghost Chilli

    We all have that friend who believes that they can take on food of any heat. They get brave at the Indian and show off at home by loading their meal up with chilli’s, but this is now the real test. The Grow Your Own Ghost Chilli Kit will give them the chance to nurture their own super strength chilli that’ll have their taste buds soaring. This isn’t for the faint-hearted and it’s definitely one of the best cheap gifts around. Ideal for birthdays, treats or stocking fillers.

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  5. Punny Jokes
    £8.49 Buy now with IWOOT

    Punny Jokes

    Is your friends comedy not up to scratch? Or do they see themselves as a bit of a joker? If it’s either of the two, this present could well be for them. This collection of punny jokes will have them cracking up in no time and we’re sure they’ll also leave you shaking your head in disbelief. We all pretend we don’t like puns but deep down we all absolutely love them and this collection will add some much needed humour to your mates armoury.

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  6. Willy Mug
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Willy Mug

    Looking to stitch your friend up at uni or in the workplace? Then this could well be one of the best cheap gifts you can find. This mug looks like its come straight out of a school boys notepad or a board when the teachers are out the classroom. Except one thing, these won’t rub off! This is bound to get a few laughs.

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  7. Avocado Stress Ball
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Avocado Stress Ball

    We all have those moments when we’re feeling stressed, but it’s not often that we reach for the nearest piece of superfood and use it to take out our frustration. But now, you can do that. This stress ball combines your love for squishy things and avocado to form this godly creation. They can squeeze, throw, step on it to their hearts content without the worry of it making a mess. Another great small gift ideal that will come in very handy.

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  8. Rose Wine Bath Bombs
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Rose Wine Bath Bombs

    One of our most popular small gifts for women. She’ll be able to unwind after a hectic day with these pink, glittery rose wine bath bombs. Drop them in the water and they’ll fizz away and dissolve, providing a rose scent and adding some funky colours to your bath. FYI, they go very nicely with a glass of the real thing.

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  9. Beard Buddy Grooming Kit
    £12.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Beard Buddy Grooming Kit

    Still searching for that perfect small gift for him? This could well solve that conundrum. Every man who has a beard (sadly not all of us) sees it as their pride and joy, they love speaking about it, grooming it and showing it off. So this beard buddy grooming kit could well be the ultimate in cheap gifts for your mate who loves reminding you of his furry face. Featuring styling scissors along with a special beard comb and oil, this nifty piece of kit is an essential for those fuzzy hipsters.

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  10. Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener
    £10.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Thor's Hammer Bottle Opener

    Just like playing cards, a bottle opener is an absolute essential. You never know when you’re going to need one so having one on your key ring means that you’re always ready for action. There’s a number of different cool options for this but none of them compare with this. We’ve all watched the Thor movies and been amazed by the power that his trademark hammer can generate – well now you can use it for yourself. This one won’t produce lightening and powerful currents of electricity, but it will open your beer. Do cheap gifts get any better than this? I’m not sure.

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