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A Guy’s Guide to Christmas Gifts for Her

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, when members of the male race are asked what they think ladies want, their suggestions are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The results are in, and drum roll please….. To be honest, the results are troubling. So, being the saints that we are, we decided the best thing we could do was help you guys prepare for the next holiday season by compiling a gift guide for her for those guys who haven’t picked up on her hints just yet.

What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for Her

As much as we love a fabulous women’s Christmas jumper or scarf, expectations for Xmas presents may be a little higher this year. Of course, it depends on your lucky lady, so we present you with two options, just like Casablanca: choose the ultimate gift as a token of your appreciation from a list of bestselling Christmas gifts for her, including homeware and pampering tools, as well as smaller stocking fillers to treat your Mrs. Or, if you’re feeling brave, wait until the last minute and sleep on the sofa after she’s pulled out all the stops and you’ve given her a box of chocolates for Xmas. Your pick, but these gifts are all about her.

Christmas can be chaotic, but one thing is guaranteed at this time of year: there will be a lot of cosy nights in as the nights grow colder. With the wishlist of traditional Xmas movies ready to be crossed off and rewatched again (yes, I’m talking about Love Actually), a small thoughtful gift is some cosy essentials. These include self-heating slippers, so you won’t feel the cold sensation of her feet on yours, making it a gift for both of you.

In the aftermath of Christmas, perhaps a bit sleepy and a little hungover, nothing beats a sweatshirt that is appropriate to wear all day, which is where these heated blanket hoodies can come in handy. Preparing her for cold evenings in the New Year, you can only anticipate a smile from ear to ear.

A cute cuddly toy to show off your sweet side is the ideal companion for this snuggle pack, and thankfully IWOOT UK has Swizzels Love Hearts soft toys, which will undoubtedly elicit a few awws from the crowd. Though they can be cringey at times, they are very adorable and these cute puns are much appreciated, believe me!

The More Obvious Choices

Body care gift sets are a Xmas gifting standard because, after all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, relaxing is the best treatment. So, some fantastic presents for women would be a pampering session, some self-care for her to perform at home, relaxing gift packages, recharge packs, or even attempting to maintain the peaceful ambience over time with scent diffusers.

Scented candles are Christmas gift staple for almost any woman… no matter how many the women in your life have, there is always room for more. We have the infamous Yankee Candle available at IWOOT UK, use this staple as a safe bet for a small gift to get a guaranteed smile. No matter the scent, from spiced scents to bring in the merry spirit or calming scents like freshly pressed cotton to bring in the relaxing atmosphere, we have you covered.

Always on top of the best homeware trends and the dreaded excursions returning with a whole new living room, even if you don’t always want to feed this obsession, tis the season, so give in to her need to upgrade her space. On IWOOT, you may discover practically everything you need to adorn your home with the finest things in life. When finer isn’t enough, we’ve got some of the fruitier furnishings for her as well! Find everything she needs for her home, from fantastic moonlights to adding to her cushion collection for ultimate comfort!

Unique Gifts

When the memorable gifts have been wrapped and placed under the tree, but you’re not sure whether you should get her a truly unique gift to get some partner points, let us introduce you to the world of gift experiences… From comedy nights to romantic dinners to racing experiences, these experience days will be a pleasant surprise.

One of the many advantages of a movie date is the snacks and, of course, the slushies. Bring the sweetness to your home and give an element of one of the finest dates with the opportunity to make infinite slushies at home and bring a little bit of summer until the season for sunbathing returns, which will be even better for this delightful frosty goodness.

In all my years on this planet, I’ve only encountered two people (they know who they are) who genuinely loathed the iconic TV show Friends. This iconic era of fashion, comedy and acting is never too old to watch again and again, as your lucky woman may agree. Friends fans will find a wealth of excellent Christmas gifts for her, including the classic neon sign to light up her life and amazing homeware and games that will make them giggle.

Christmas Gifts for Her Under £20

Fill her stocking with something thoughtful, like her new favourite mug or a scratch map of the world to fill in, she knows it isn’t the main present, but it might be enough for you to be remembered fondly in their daily lives. We’ve got a huge selection of gifts for women for less than £20 to choose from.

If she has recently fallen in love with plants, with these green beauties taking up all the spare space on any coffee table and spare countertop, a lovely little gift of adorable planters for her many plant children, or perhaps a new addition to her growing green family, could be the perfect small gift for her to keep her interest growing.

To make a night out of your Christmas gifts for her, perhaps it’s time to invest in some games and host your own game night to build memories and laughs. Try these trivia games to test your general knowledge, or choose your speciality and see who is the sharpest.

IWOOT UK’s extensive assortment of food and drink presents would make an excellent present for the girl who is constantly taking pictures of her food. The holiday season is always the finest time for the foodies we all know and love, thanks to copious amounts of alcohol and sugary goodies. If she has a sweet tooth and is always up for a treat, retro sweet hampers and gourmet snacks are a terrific way to appeal to her sweeter side.

And, if you’re looking for more Xmas gift ideas for women, you can always explore their Pinterest boards, Saved for Later baskets, and Instagram hashtag #inspos to help you find the right Christmas gifts for her!

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