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A Guy’s Guide to Christmas Gifts for Her

When it comes to picking perfect presents, I’ve found that most men – myself included – know what women want about as well as Mel Gibson does pre-hairdryer in the full bathtub. And so, inspired by Georgia’s guide to gifts for menI’ve conducted the following research: an attempt at a Christmas gifts for her, from him guide.

What are the Best Christmas Gifts for Her?

Best is subjective, we all know this. So, like Morpheus, I present you with two choices: leave it all up to IWOOT and elect for the Mystery Gift Box for Her, IWOOT’s selection of beauty products and quirkier gifts. Or, on top of the Mystery Gift Box(!), take a glimpse at this list of bestselling gifts, which includes brightening lighting and barware paraphenalia, as well as smaller stocking fillers for under £20. The choice is yours, but these presents are all about her.

The More Obvious Choices

A staple of Christmas gifting, the advent calendar is one way to say, ‘hey, it’s not all about the 25th, here’s something for being you (most days in December)’. Moreover, of my brief survey: 2 out of 3 women preferred gin to whisky, and all 3 of those women liked advent calendars. Gents, you know what to do.

Sometimes your appreciation needs to be spelt out rather than spilt out, and our range of desktop and larger cinematic light boxes might just be the perfect medium to do this.

Lastly, in this list, ladies lately have been looking longingly at our Hot Boots and Sheepskin Rugs.

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Her

From premium coffee machines to luxury linen, you can find on IWOOT nearly everything you need to furnish your home with the finer things this life has to offer. And when finer just isn’t enough, we’ve some of the fruitier furnishings for her too!

Christmas Gifts for Her for Under £20

Fill her stocking with something thoughtful: her new favourite mug, or a scratch map of the world to fill in as she knows it, aren’t huge things, but they could be enough for you to feature fondly in their everyday.

And if you need some more Christmas gift ideas for women, thankfully, you can always consult their Pinterest boards, Saved for Later baskets and Instagram #inspos to help you realise those perfect Christmas gifts for her!

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