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Best Useful Gifts and Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Men And Women

Coming up with gift ideas for the man or woman in your life can be difficult and lets be honest, a lot of pressure.

We’re all determined to get our hands on something special for a loved one or a friend, which can often cause us to overthink and go a little overboard.

Whether it’s a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, a friend starting a new job or you’re just looking for a small gift for a friend, getting that perfect present is a great way of putting a smile on their face and making their day memorable.

And at IWOOT UK we’re here to help you out on that front. Meaning that the pressure of finding a suitable, thoughtful gift is a thing of the past.

There’s so many different types of presents out there but one of the best are useful gifts. One of the worries when buying someone something is will they like it? Will they use it? So getting them something useful is bound to tick those boxes.

These presents can range from something as small as multi function tools to quirky golf ball finding glasses, so we’re sure that you’ll find something you’ll like.

Below we’ve selected 10 of the best useful gifts that are perfect for any occasion:

  1. BBQ Toolbox
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    BBQ Toolbox

    When you think of buying for your dad, one of the first thoughts surely has to be around barbecuing right? When the summer is in full flow and the suns out, dads love getting outside with a beer and taking control of the grill. Nothing can beat a BBQ in the sun and we’re sure this piece of kit is certainly going to put a smile on his face. Take the power of the BBQ around on the move with this quirky contraption. It appears as a tool box, but it actually opens up to form a really effective and cool BBQ. With three separate grills within its vibrant red casing, this’ll definitely go down as a hit. Who doesn’t love a summer BBQ?

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  2. USB Fridge
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    USB Fridge

    This gift is a real favourite of ours and it isn’t hard to see why. You can plug just about anything into your laptops USB port these days and this little device is something that blows its competition out the water. After plugging this into your laptop, computer or USB plug socket, you can have a perfectly chilled can within minutes. This mini USB Fridge comes in a retro design and can chill your favourite drinks quickly courtesy of two metal plates house inside it. Perfect for those hot summer days when you’re craving refreshment, it’s a quirky office gadget that’s bound to be the envy of your co-workers.

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  3. Warmies Long Hot Water Bottle
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    Warmies Long Hot Water Bottle

    This product may be far away from all the thoughts of summer and the sun, but it’s still one of the best useful gifts out there. It’s simple in application but it’s hugely effective and super cosy. The Warmies Long Hot Water Bottle is immensely popular and it’s not hard to see why. Housed in a soft, cuddly case, when filled up with boiling water it’s the perfect partner for those cold winter evenings. Such is the long shape of the bottle it makes it perfect for cuddling, wrapping around your neck or warming up your bed. This is definitely one of the best thoughtful gifts that you’ll find for her – she won’t put it down!

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  4. Black iBed iPad Tray
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    Black iBed iPad Tray

    Whether it’s in the morning or after a long day at work, we all want to get comfortable and relax when we’re at home. This means being warm, stress-free and being able to enjoy whatever you want. So we’re sure that this present idea will certainly go down pretty well. The Black iBed iPad Tray is designed for beds, sofas and even travelling. Featuring three slots, it can stand your iPad, a plate and even a drink with it’s special non-slip surface. It’s a slick design and it’s super useful, so we’re sure that this’ll get lots of approval.

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  5. Thors Hammer Bottle Opener
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    Thors Hammer Bottle Opener

    You never know when you’re going to need a bottle opener. They can be such a valuable commodity if you’re at a party or simply don’t have one lying around, as there’s not much pain worse than seeing a beer and being unable to open it – imagine. Well all of those worries can now be a thing of a the past with this bottle opener that isn’t any ordinary opener – giving you the power of Thor from your key ring. In the shape of his famous hammer, this Thor bottle opener is a must for any Marvel fan and makes a great small, but useful gift.

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  6. Wireless Car Vent Phone Charger
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    Wireless Car Vent Phone Charger

    We’ve all sadly been in that position when we’re on a car journey, using our phone for Spotify and navigation and it ends up dying, with no charger to resurrect. It’s an awful feeling which we hope you haven’t experienced yet, but if you know someone who’s as forgettable as this and is in need, then this is for them. The Xtreme Wireless Charger simply pops onto your cars vent and after plugging it in, it will wirelessly ensure that your phone never runs out of juice. So your friend can now get those tunes playing as loudly and as long as they like on those big journeys. Result.

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  7. Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit
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    Gentlemen's Hardware Survival Kit

    When it comes to finding a useful gift for him there’s an awful lot of options and we think this one is pretty special. If he’s someone who loves the outdoors and being super hands on, then this Gentlemen’s Hardware Survival Kit is ideal for him. Housed in a small metal case, it contains tweezers, safety pins, braided rope, ignition steel, wire saw and a pocket knife with six different tools – wow. Those adventures will be made that little safer and a lot more fun with this cool piece of kit – one of the best useful gifts for sure.

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  8. Oil Jug Tool Kit
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    Oil Jug Tool Kit

    If the guy you’re buying for sees himself as a bit of a petrol head there’s plenty of gifts you can get him, with this a real standout option. On the outside it appears as a big bottle of oil so you can imagine his face when he opens it, but delve deeper into it and it’s actually a huge tool kit. It’s a super handy set of 16 pieces which includes a voltage tester, pliers, a hex key, two precision screwdrivers and much more. Perfect for dads and all guys, this will become an essential piece of kit both in the car and garage.

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  9. Golf Ball Finding Glasses
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    Golf Ball Finding Glasses

    If you’re buying for someone who sees themselves as a bit of a golfer then this could well be a gift that they both enjoy and take a bit of offence to! The Golf Ball Finding Glasses are designed to help you find your ball around the course, specifically when it’s in the rough! That long grass can be brutal when it comes to finding your ball after a wayward shot and this quirky gift can help make that a thing of the past. Available to wear both without and over existing glasses, they’re a great small present and one of the best useful gifts.

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  10. Deep Sleep Kit
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    Deep Sleep Kit

    How great is sleep? Whether it’s at night or a lovely little daytime snooze, going to sleep is great. It helps you relax, refresh and get ready for whats coming up next. Going to bed is always a great way to round off a busy day and with this special Deep Sleep Kit from Men’s Society, you’ll breath new life into your routine. Including bath oil, ear plugs, eye mask and lavender pillow spray, it’s a super little gift that the lucky recipient will literally be dreaming about once they open it. Bed time will definitely be their favourite time of the day now.

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