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10 Cool & Useful Small Gift Ideas For Guys Under £25

Gifts don’t always have to be big to go down well and make a lasting impression.

Finding the ultimate present for someone can often be an unenviable task with us all desperate to land the perfect item, especially when buying for guys.

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for, with them often claiming that they want nothing or saying that they already have everything.

Being told this could lead to you going overboard to try get something to wow them, but gifts don’t always have to be huge to be a success.

Thoughtful gifts can  show the lucky guy how much effort you’ve put in to come up with that great idea and here at IWOOT UK, we have a number of options that’ll make his day extra special.

Below we’ve created a guide featuring some of the best small gifts for guys that are perfect for a friend, brother, boyfriend, dad, you name it.

Small cheap gifts can make just as big an impact as the pricier ones and our guide features a selection of unique novelty gifts for men along with some pretty useful ones – a real good mix.

If you’re looking for present ideas for men or small gifts for guys, we’ve selected 10 of our favourites that’ll add a little extra to any occasion:

  1. Beard Grooming Kit
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    Beard Grooming Kit

    Almost every man who has a beard sees it as his pride and joy. Growing, maintaining and showing off their fuzzy face is something that they love doing but it requires a lot of work (and time). Of course they need to grow it in the first place, but once it’s there it needs to be kept a close eye on – step forward the beard grooming kit. This small gift set featuring a comb, scissors and beard oil is a must for men who are in love with their facial hair and it’ll have it looking trimmer and fresher in no time. One of the more useful gifts out there, we’re sure they’ll be delighted when they open this present up – although it means you won’t hear the end of their beard talk anytime soon!

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  2. Bourbon Portable Phone Charger
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    Bourbon Portable Phone Charger

    Whether or not we admit it, we’re all addicted to our phones. Playing games, taking selfies, browsing through Instagram for hours on end, we can’t get enough. They’ve become a vital part of our lives when it comes to both business and pleasure, which means we have to be prepared when it comes to ensuring it’s full of juice. Keeping it charged is crucial for those long commutes and day trips as there’s no pain worse than your phone unexpectedly dying – it’s awful, okay. But all those worries can now be a thing of the past. If you’re buying for a guy who loves his phone and biscuits (yes, you read that right) then this could be the small gift for him. This quirky powerbank for iPhone, Android and a number of devices will ensure that his phone is always charged and look pretty cool in the process – a real useful gift. Who doesn’t love bourbons, right?

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  3. Smartphone Virtual Blaster
    £9.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Smartphone Virtual Blaster

    The power of smartphones is just getting silly now. We all remember the good old days of classic 2D snake on the Nokia 3310 which provided hour after hour of entertainment. But now with phones developing so much we can watch series and videos in HD and play games that are visually worthy of consoles – it’s bonkers. And now the lucky man can take another step into the future with this quirky accessory which takes mobile gaming to new heights. Take on zombies, villains and even opponents with this cool virtual blaster which straps right onto your phone. Using Bluetooth you can use the gun to shoot your way through several 360 degree levels – it’s an awful lot of fun.

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  4. Waspcam Action Video Camera
    £22.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Waspcam Action Video Camera

    If you’re looking for small gift ideas for a man who has a serious thirst for adventure – this could well be what you was looking for. For all the adrenaline junkies out there who want to capture and re-live all their experiences and fun, this Waspcam action video camera is THE piece of kit. Waterproof, built-in Wi-Fi, HD video, loop recording and tiny in size – there’s an awful lot of technology crammed into it. This can be attached to harnesses, tripods and yes, even selfie sticks – making it the ultimate way for him to re-live his excursions. One of the best birthday ideas for men and a great useful gift, it gives him the chance to show off those special trips from a completely different perspective.

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  5. Golf Ball Finding Glasses
    £8.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Golf Ball Finding Glasses

    He may be thankful for this present or take it as a bit of an insult – we will see. But one thing for sure is that this funny gift is incredibly useful. If the man you’re buying for is prone to hitting balls into the rough and struggling to find them, he’ll see this as a bit of a godsend. Even Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have the rare moment that they knock one out of touch – so hopefully they see the fun in this present. The Golf Ball Finding Glasses do exactly what they say. Pop them on and their blue lenses will illuminate everything in white, making the struggles and embarrassment of losing those stray balls a thing of the past.

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  6. Pocket Multi Tool
    £9.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Pocket Multi Tool

    This one is certainly one of the more useful gifts for men and it looks perfect for dads. We all turn to our fathers when it comes to building and fixing things, with their DIY knowledge always coming to the rescue when we need it most. We know how dads love to be prepared for all situations and have all kinds of tools to get the job done. Carrying around a big toolbox just isn’t practical but we have a solution which we think is one of the best birthday ideas for men. This pocket multi tool is key ring and belt attachable, boasting a screwdriver, bottle opener and even a mini flash light amongst several cool functions. Small gifts for men don’t get anymore useful than this and we certainly think it’s one of the best.

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  7. Toilet Mug
    £9.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Toilet Mug

    If you’re searching for funny gifts for men and the guy you’re buying for has a bit of a potty mouth – then this could well be for him. Mugs are both a vital part of life at home and in the office. We all have our own special designated one which is assigned to you and you only, making it uniquely yours. They can be cool, sentimental or funny – with this gift idea certainly fitting into the latters bracket. We’ve seen some quirky designs in our time, but the Toilet Mug is certainly up there with the elite. This is one of the best funny gifts for men and it’ll certainly provide a talking point or two in the office – this won’t be like anything many of them have seen before, with the lucky guy getting to drink sh*t cups of coffee as often as he likes!

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  8. Super Mario Question Block Light
    £14.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Super Mario Question Block Light

    Arguably the most popular and iconic gaming franchise of all time, Mario is one of the real stalwarts of Nintendo and games in general. His legacy spans back over three decades and the various games to come from his success have provided endless amounts of fun. Super Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party – you name it, they’re all class. This Nintendo titan has a huge fan base and his longevity across a number of consoles and platforms makes him one of the most nostalgic characters around. There’s several iconic moments and themes to come from the franchise but one that are common across at are question blocks. You can jump, spin or drive into these to receive coins or power-ups and now you can bring it to life like never before. This unique light is inspired by the in-game blocks, it makes official sounds and will transport you back to a different era. But unlike Mario, you won’t need to jump into it for it to work its magic.

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  9. Grow Your Own Ghost Chilli
    £6.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Grow Your Own Ghost Chilli

    We all know a guy who makes out that he can handle the hottest of curries and chillies. They order the craziest thing when you go out for food or load up their meals with chillies to prove just how much they can handle. Tolerance to heat can often prove how ‘manly’ you are so it’s serious stuff for guys, which makes this quirky gift for men all the more brilliant. If you’re buying for a genuine chilli lover then this present will blow their head off – literally. This gives them the chance to grow their own super hot ‘ghost’ chilli that’ll provide a real test of just how much they can handle. One of our favourite unique gifts for guys, by adding just sunlight and water this will transform into something that’ll really test them to the limit!

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  10. Music Pillow
    £12.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Music Pillow

    We all know how precious and special bedtime is. It’s the time of the day when you can stretch out, relax and chill before dozing off. Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for a number of reasons but sometimes, despite how hard you try, it can be hard to do it – which is where this gadget comes in. The music pillow can make those difficult nights of no sleep go away, whilst also providing a really cool addition to the bedroom. One of the best novelty gifts for men, the iMusic pillow plays music through a speaker that’s deep inside the pillow. It can be used to play your favourite tunes, podcasts or even rain and whale sounds to help you nod off – a real useful gift that’s very popular.

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