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Martini Takes The Top Two Spots As UK’s Most Popular Cocktail

It’s five o’clock somewhere – and to celebrate Global Cocktail Day on Friday 13th May 2022, IWOOT has undertaken some research to uncover the UK’s favourite cocktail.

With summer approaching and temperatures reaching highs of around 21 degrees this week, it’s the perfect time to round your friends up for a few cheeky cocktails.

Whether it’s rum or vodka, sweet or sour there’s a beverage for everyone. Why not treat yourself or the cocktail lover in your life with novelty cocktail glasses and make your own mix at home.

Without further ado, here’s what we found – Is your favourite cocktail in the top 10?

UK Top 10 Most Popular CocktailsPornstar Martini

Taking first place as the UK’s most popular cocktail of choice is the Porn Star Martini. This popular cocktail is made with vanilla vodka, Passoã, passionfruit juice and lime juice served with a shot of Prosecco. A hot topic surrounding this cocktail is the correct way to drink it. Are you a pourer or a shotter? Well, neither is the correct way to drink. Instead, the traditional way is to take a bite of fresh Passion Fruit, then sip the cocktail and finish by shotting the Prosecco to clean the palate.

Espresso Martini

Coming in second place, the Espresso Martini. Made using freshly brewed espresso coffee, with coffee liqueur, vodka and always three coffee beans to garnish. But why three coffee beans? The three beans actually represent health, wealth and happiness making for the perfect round table toast.

Pina Colada

If you like Piña Colada, you’ve made it into the top three. Taking third place, this Puerto Rican classic is made from pineapple juice, rum and coconut served either blended or over ice. This creamy cocktail is the perfect holiday companion.


In fourth place, is the Cosmopolitan. Made from a combination of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and freshly squeezed lime. This cocktail gained popularity in the 90’s and gained further popularity with young women as it was frequently mentioned on the TV programme, Sex and the City.


Coming in at number is the Cuban classic, Mojito. Made from a combination of lime juice, rum, soda water and, of course, fresh mint, this is one of the most popular summer cocktails. Perfect for sipping out in the sunshine.


In sixth place, is the classic cocktail margarita. Made from tequila, orange liquer and lime juice with a signature salted glass rim this classic can be shaken with ice or blended into a daiquiri like drink.

Long Island Iced Tea

The strong Long Island Ice Tea is here to quench your thirst at number seven. Made using a concoction of everything; vodka, tequila, triple sec, rum, gin and a dash of cola this drink gives off the same colour as an iced tea.

Bloody Mary

Coming in at number eight is the Bloody Mary. Mixed with tomato juice, vodka and a mixture of spices including garlic, herbs, salt, black pepper, hot sauce, worcester sauce, lemon and lime juice garnished with a celery stalk or olives.


In ninth place is the good ol’ Daiquiri. This cocktail consists of rum, lime juice and syrup. This beverage was a common drink across the Caribbean and easy to make. Which makes the perfect cocktail for a night in.

Mai Tai

If you like a strong tropical cocktail, Mai Tai is the one. Taking tenth place, this Californian classic is made with rum, orange curacao, almond syrup and splash of lime juice. We like call this cocktail sunshine in a glass.

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To determine the rankings, the team at IWOOT looked at the previous 12-months of Google Search Data via Ahrefs and calculated the monthly average for each cocktail. These average totals were then stacked up against one another to determine the winning beverage.

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