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10 Of The Best Gifts That Your Coworkers & Work Friends Will Love

Office birthdays, secret Santa, special holidays, celebrating achievement – there’s lots of times that gifts for coworkers are in order.

Work friends can really differ to the ones that you’ve made outside of that environment. They’re people that you’ve been put with and you end up spending significant time together almost everyday – but it can often result in lifelong relationships.

They can often become part of your friendship group outside of the workplace which is pretty cool because if you didn’t join there, you probably never would’ve met them – crazy huh.

Workplaces can be unique environments. There’s people you like and dislike, lots of unhealthy treats to share and even fun and laughter in some cases if you’re lucky enough.

If your workplace is anything like this then it’s likely that you all celebrate special occasions amongst your fellow employees. These can be a range of things that really bring everyone together and are great for team morale.

So if you’re on the hunt for something special for one of your work friends or even a leaving gift for colleagues – this guide will certainly help you out.

This includes 10 of the best gifts for coworkers that are bound to make you the talk of the office, whilst putting a smile on the lucky recipients face.

Here you’ll find funny gifts, practical presents and all kinds of quirky, novelty items that are perfect for secret Santa, birthdays or any occasion.

10 of the best gifts for coworkers:

  1. Desktop Curling
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    Desktop Curling

    Workplaces are efficient environments, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to have fun. Break times (and Friday’s) give you lots of opportunities to enjoy your work friends company and this potential gift idea will only enhance that. Bring even more fun and a bit of competition to your lunch with this Desktop Curling game. Just like the real thing you see on the TV during the Winter Olympics, but scaled down to office size. The game includes eight curling stones and a target, so you and your colleagues will soon be competing and fighting for the right of being crowned the best in the office. It’ll provide fun, but we apologise for the feuds it may cause in advance!

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  2. Plant Pot Tidy
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    Plant Pot Tidy

    A slightly different vibe to the competitiveness of office curling, but a gift that’s certain to go down well! We spend a lot of time at our desks each day so it’s important that they’re an environment we feel comfortable and relaxed in – you don’t want to spend five days a week in a gloomy space. There’s a number of things you can do to brighten up your desk, one of which is adding some nature. Plants are always a great shout and this one serves more than one purpose. Not only does it make your surroundings pretty, but it also works as storage. You can store pens and all kinds of bits and bobs in it – one of the best gifts for colleagues who are always messy!

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  3. Boobs Mug
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    Boobs Mug

    Working in an office, your choice of mug (and drink) is something that can be heavily scrutinised. You’re using this piece of kit almost everyday, making it vital you get one you love so you don’t get ripped during those big brew runs. But you’re not buying for you here, you’re buying for one of your work friends – so it’s time to be silly. This is another practical gift, but an incredibly immature one at the same time. This will probably remind you and the lucky recipient of school exercise books that are full of doodles, hopefully this isn’t still happening in your workplace. Get a giggle from your colleagues by giving the gift of a boob mug, covered from rim to brim in this funny design, we’re sure that there’ll be nothing else like this in your works kitchen.

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  4. USB Fridge
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    USB Fridge

    Office gadgets have developed significantly over the last few years. You can plug just about anything into your laptops USB port these days such as your phone, headphones, fans, you name it. But we think this trumps everything, honestly it’s brilliant. Coming in a retro design, this mini fridge goes directly into your laptops USB port and it can chill a can of your favourite drink to the perfect temperature within minutes. Perfect for those baking summer days in the office, it really is the ultimate companion for your desk and one of the best gifts for coworkers we’ve seen. Currently waiting for someone to buy this for us…

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  5. Vibrating Head Massager
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    Vibrating Head Massager

    Maybe you’re in need of a work secret Santa gift or a quirky present, then this could well do the trick. We all work alongside people who let things get on top of them and this should help them chill a little bit at least. Massages are a great way of relieving stress, especially when it comes to the head. This weird looking 12 pronged contraption targets specific pressure points to bring you back to earth and get you relaxing, oh and it vibrates – just thought we’d throw that in there. The office moaner has to shut up after using this surely.

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  6. Retro Sweet Box
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    Retro Sweet Box

    Looking for office gifts can be hard. You may not know the person very well, they could be in a new job or you just don’t know their interests. So finding something they like could be tough – but there’s always a few safe bets. One of which are sweets. Almost everyone loves sugary treats, especially when they’re retro. This old school selection of sweets will transport your colleague back to their childhood with favourites such as Drumsticks, Wham Bars, Rainbow Drops, Double Dip Sherbet and much more to choose from. With 18 different sweets included, they’ll surely be delighted to receive this but it’s likely that the office will vulture in and try take them – they’ll need to brace themselves.

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  7. Banana USB Hub
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    Banana USB Hub

    Fruit is just the best. It’s natural, healthy and super tasty, especially when it comes to bananas. We’re not being biased but they are definitely the kings of fruit. They provide a whole host of hearty benefits and they’re also terrific fuel for your body – along with your devices. We’re not saying that you should plug your phone or tablet directly into one, but this cool banana based USB hub will provide all the juice they need. Simply pop this into your laptops USB port and you can power up to four devices at one time. Where do the superpowers of this magnificent fruit end?

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  8. Llama Desktop Duster
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    Llama Desktop Duster

    If you’re working in an office environment it’s important to keep your desk tidy. You don’t want to face the wrath of your manager or have scruffy, dirty surroundings, it’s just not good. Cleaning and keeping on top of things can be boring for some but this adds a bit of fun to the equation in pretty vibrant fashion. Not only a bright and brilliant thing to look at, this quirky pink llama serves more than one person. If also works as a bendy and quite efficient duster, making your desk both colourful, clean and hilarious. You can’t help but laugh looking at it.

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  9. Willy Mouse Mat
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    Willy Mouse Mat

    Many say that your days at school are the best of your life. Well before the worries of having to adult and pay bills, you have little responsibilities and lots of time to play. School is the main focus and we’d all be lying if we said we wasn’t silly from time-to-time. At school your sense of humour is likely to be pretty different to what it is now but some of it does still remains, like laughing at drawings of willy’s. These were littered over exercise books and boards back in the day and they were never not funny. Maybe the work place isn’t the spot to do this again, but you can give the gift of silliness with one of these rather eye-catching willy mouse mats that combine comedy and practicality together. This gift will mean your work colleague will have to look at willy’s every time they use their mouse – bring on the giggles.

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  10. What Not To Say At Work Hardback
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    What Not To Say At Work Hardback

    You mix with all kinds of people and personalities in the workplace, some of which can come out with the odd ridiculous statement from time-to-time. Whether it’s in an office environment or customer facing, it’s important to say the right thing at the right times. And for those colleagues that may struggle with that on occasion then this gift is certainly for them. This hardback book includes 610 things NOT to say at work. So it’ll give them a bit of a heads up on what not to say to angry customers or fellow employees – hopefully they don’t repeat what’s in there…

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