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The Top 10 Best Christmas Presents For Dad: Gift Guide

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and it’s time to start looking for Christmas gifts for Dad. So, with that said, let’s make sure we do it right. Christmas gifts for dad have been notoriously difficult to procure since the dawn of time, and don’t even get us started on birthdays and Father’s Day. We don’t want any last-minute dad present nightmares in 2022, so with that in mind, we’ve produced a list of unique gift ideas, guaranteeing there’s something in here for any dad.

Before dad is armed with a bin bag for all the ripped-up pieces of wrapping paper, make sure he is a part of this messy enthusiasm with some great gifts that truly represent his brilliance. So, if you’re wondering what the finest Christmas gifts for dad or any other father figure in your life are, we’ve got you covered. This man was your personal taxi driver when you were younger, and he always purchased you the best gifts, or at the very least nodded along while your mother did the actual shopping.

With all of these free lifts and free food, it’s time to offer something back. However, it won’t always be simple because chances are he already has everything he wants and will say the dreaded phrase, “you don’t need to get me anything” But this is no longer a challenge! So, without further ado, here are our selections for the top ten best Christmas gifts for dad

Exclusive NASA Deluxe Telescope

When your father has exhausted his supply of socks and aftershave, it’s time to think about some new gifts for him. If your dad is often pointing out constellations or looking for a new hobby, we have just the thing. Give him an exclusive NASA deluxe telescope to make him feel special. This new stargazer can use this powerful astronomical telescope to examine stars, planets, and galaxies (not the Guardians of the Galaxy, but we do have Marvel presents here!) from your window or, if they are adventurous, journey to darker skies to view fainter deep-sky objects.

Glass Globe Whisky Decanter

If your father loves his drinks to be smart and expressive, the Glass Globe Whisky Decanter is the way to go. This gift, created to resemble the shape of a globe, stands out among the many gifts for dad. 
This exquisite addition to any home décor spins on its axis and will keep his preferred beverage fresh for the foreseeable future (though we doubt he’ll wait that long). When he visits his man cave, he will not only feel like a trendy villain from a James Bond film, but he may even make the case for a home bar if you don’t already have one.

Casino Night

If your father is known for drinking too much at the bar with the lads and loves to party, we have lots of reasons to throw another gathering. One of which is the gift of his very own casino night. If he still wants to keep his wife happy but wants to spend the night at the clubhouse, he has the option of this gift that keeps on giving. This presentable set contains all you need to host and play three different casino games: poker, roulette, and blackjack. Ideal for a family game night, a dinner party with friends, a stag do, or a casino party in Las Vegas! It also makes an excellent Christmas. So, get dressed up to the nines and get ready to gamble. The only real risk to this gift is not buying it.

Beard Buddy Shaving Apron

Any father will be familiar with the dreaded beard hairs, especially if he is prone to leaving them to grow. They fall all over the place, no matter how carefully they prepare the approach. So, how can we combat such an inefficient process…? The Beard Buddy Shaving Apron is the answer! With suction pads designed to stick to the surface of any mirror, every single beard hair that decides to leg it will be grabbed by the hands of apron-shaped justice. That means less cleaning for dad and more time doing… well, whatever dads do. If we do say so ourselves, this is one of the more useful Christmas gifts for dad.

Toolbox Games – Hammered!

DIYers with well-stocked toolboxes will surely have an advantage in this game. Welcome to heaven, daddies. This cleverly disguised toolbox includes 50 guaranteed-to-make-you-laugh drinking games, as well as a few extras to keep the party going, such as dice, playing cards, and the dreaded forfeit card! Trust us when we say you don’t want that one. This is the ideal equipment for Dad’s shed.

Worlds Best Dad Mug

Allow your father to have their own Michael Scott moment with the iconic mug to celebrate how amazing they are, this time honouring their skills as the best father. Not only will this likely boost you to the position of favourite child, but it will also make him remember you every time he has a brew, which may help your chances the next time you need a lift or some extra cash for the weekend.

Best Of British Three Car Driving Experience

If your father’s first love, even if he denies it, is classic and fast cars, we have the greatest solution with incredible experience days that will finally give him his Top Gear moment. With these truly extraordinary gifts, he will be able to enjoy the best of Britain with three incredible drives. Choose from a classic Aston Martin Vantage, Aston Martin DB5, E-Type Jaguar, MK1 Escort, Mini Cooper, or Lotus Cortina to get his pulse racing. Whatever car he chooses on the day, you’re in for a thrill, and after driving a piece of motoring history, it’s only fair that they take home a commemorative certificate.

Fizzics Draftpour Beer Dispenser

Nothing beats a dad’s enthusiasm for a cold beer, sorry kids! So, to keep him happy on Christmas Day and the few days of Christmas leftovers, this beer dispenser could be his holy grail. This is another reason to get a home bar if you don’t already have one, as it may reduce the need for a beer run and even make him more excited about being the family bartender, freeing you up because you no longer have to be his butler!

Plug And Play Retro TV Games

This Plug and Play Retro TV Games controller is excellent for reliving childhood memories for all those ’80s gaming fathers out there. 
Pong, Space Base, Racing Fighter, and other games are among the more than 200 available. 
Christmas gifts for dad have never been more economical, with a wealth of action, arcade, puzzle, and shooting games at his fingertips. 
Just don’t be surprised if he continues to stare wistfully at his new gift—keeping his attention may be difficult!

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Portable Turntable

Music dads rejoice… The turntable is in the house!

If your dad’s a stickler for vintage vinyl records, this a present that is straight up his alley.
The Crosley Cruiser, the one and only, the original. It’s lightweight in its attractive suitcase-style casing, easy to operate, and a joy to listen to. The Cruiser is ready to jam vinyl or digital music, with pitch control, built-in speakers, and a Bluetooth receiver. With this portable three-speed record player, they can start their vinyl experience with a rainbow of sounds. You might be telling him to turn down the music from now on!

For more gift ideas, explore our full range of Christmas presents for dad.

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