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COLOURlovers | Making the most of Colour Scheme tools

Getting the colour scheme right for a room is an essential part of creating the perfect living space. Trying to figure out the right scheme from scratch con often seem a daunting task. Indeed, many of us aren’t versed in the dark arts of colour science or the trends of graphic design. That’s why you should take advantage of the simply fantastic website COLOURlovers.

COLOURlovers is the perfect tool for finding colour schemes to plan your rooms around, or creating your own. I especially like the ability to change the widths, allowing you to see which colours work better as base colours and others that are better used as accents.

Morning Has Broken

My favourite of the Easter colour schemes is the above, called Morning Has Broken. Using schemes like the above you can pick out complimenting selections from our quirky homeware and unique house gifts, like the below:

Another great scheme for this Easter that I found was called Easter Greetings. Theming home accessories around holidays is a great way to refresh the feel of your home without splashing out too heavily.

Easter Greeting

Why don’t you try and piece together your own selection of gifts for this colour scheme, or even post your favourite schemes from COLOURlovers below!



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