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Best Gift Ideas For A Friend Who’s Starting A New Job

Starting a new job is always an exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking experience, so it’s always good to reward your friends hard-work to get them set up perfectly for it.

Moving on from your old job can be emotionally draining, leaving behind all your old friends, moving to a new location and that’s not even mentioning the gruelling interview processes that the new role requires.

But they’ve got through that. They’ve aced those interviews, wowed the people they needed to wow and they’re now waiting for that all important start date.

We all know how stressful the process of going through an interview process can be so now your friend has that job in the bag, it’s time to show your appreciation for them and give them a bit of a treat for their efforts with a thoughtful gift.

New Job Presents

So now it’s time to celebrate with them and what exactly do you get someone who’s just secured their dream new job?

Well, here at IWOOT we’ve selected some of our favourite new job gifts that’ll help your friend settle in on their first day at work whether they’re joining a new office, school, you name it.

New job gifts wish them good luck and make them feel even more proud of their achievements, so they’re a real win-win.

New Job Gift Ideas

  1. £11.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Brew Planet Heat Changing Mug

    Mugs are an essential piece of kit in any workplace and you can make your friend the envy of their new colleagues with this beauty. This heat changing mug features the national treasure that is Sir David Attenborough alongside Koko, the worlds first talking gorilla. Mug designs don’t get much better than this, those coffees and brews will never be the same again.

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  2. £14.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Nintendo Super Mario Good Guys Coaster Set

    Perhaps your friend is moving into a new office role and they need something to keep their desk safe from the perils of stains? Well, these should certainly do the trick. They can fight off the threat of a dirty desk with this fab Super Mario coaster set. Featuring the Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach, these will add colour and nostalgia to their desk – we want.

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  3. £29.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Smart Reusable Notebook

    Pen and paper is seen as the old school way of recording and jotting down your thoughts, but with this notebook it’s been well and truly transported into the modern era. Simply use it as normal, then it uses technology to upload your notes and scribbles to Google Drive, DropBox, Slack, iCloud and much more via your smartphone. And if that wasn’t good enough, the notebook is fully reusable. Once your book is full, you can erase the ink using water and with your notes in the cloud, this is an eco-friendly pad for the future. One of the best new job gifts for sure.

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  4. Rick and Morty Gadget Decals
    £6.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Rick and Morty Gadget Decals

    If your friend is working in an office environment then they’re going to be spending a lot of time working on their laptop or computer. It can get a little bit samey looking at the same thing all the time but these may just change matters. Bring some of the whacky Rick and Morty universe to life with this wicked range of decals that’ll add colour and creativity to any gadget. Who wouldn’t want Pickle Rick on their laptop?

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  5. £16.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    USB Fridge

    One of the ultimate desktop gadgets and one that’s incredibly popular. This nifty little fridge plugs in directly to your laptop or PC’s USB port and within five minutes you’ll have a 330ml can at the perfect drinking temperature. Perfect for those hot summer days or when you’re in need of some refreshment, this retro styled fridge will definitely go down a treat. One of the best new job gifts and a super USB gadget.

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  6. £10.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Eggciting Cup Warmer

    Another super popular product, you’ll have to be quick to poach this one. This quirky cup warmer will keep those brews and coffees at the ideal temperature for longer, meaning that those days when your friend is snowed under, they won’t have to go through the heartbreaking pain of their drink going too cold. We’ve all been there. It’s awful. So this little gadget is certainly going to come in handy and as if that wasn’t good enough, it’s also designed like an egg. Do gifts get more egg-citing?

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  7. Banana Travel Mug
    £14.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Banana Travel Mug

    None of us are fans of those long train commutes into work, but they are made better with coffee or tea. And now your friend can battle against the boredom (and delays) on those train journeys with this funky travel mug. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages & featuring a quirky banana design, we’re super fans of it. But sadly, this won’t count as part of their five-a-day.

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  8. Relaxations Rituals Kit
    £22.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Calm Club Relaxation Kit

    So your mate has left behind their old co-workers, gone through a gruelling interview process and now they’re in need of some decent chill time before they get up and running in their new surroundings. Well, this present could well be the one for them. This Relaxation kit features scented incense, boading balls, soy wax candles and more, this will allow them to build their very own little zen palace. Just what they need to re-charge their batteries.

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  9. Sausage Dog Hot Water Bottle
    £14.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Extra Long Sausage Dog Hot Water Bottle

    Another in-demand item and it’s for good reason, you’d be barking mad not to love this. Make those cold evenings, days in the office or commutes a thing of the past with the most quirky of hot water bottles. Over 40 cm long and tubular, it provides extra snugness and if that wasn’t enough it also comes in a sausage dog design. This will definitely put a smile on their face (and anyone’s for that matter). A real flexible gift and a brilliant one at that.

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  10. £8.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Tea Rex Mouse Mat

    Mouse mats are another good way of adding individuality and creativity to the work place. They come in all kinds of colours and designs these days & gifting one means that your friend won’t have to put up with the standard one used throughout the office – no one wants that. So this funky ‘Tea Rex’ mouse mat could well be the one for them. Everyone loves a pun and brews, throw dinosaurs into the mix and you’re onto a winner.

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  11. Gin and Tonic Bath Bombs
    £7.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Gin & Tonic Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs are a fantastic way of unwinding after a long day at work or a long interview process. They help you relax, de-stress and freshen up, they’re great. So imagine throwing cocktails into the mix… day-um. Well, now you can. Gin & tonic bathbombs are now a thing and if we do say so ourselves, they’re pretty special. These will help you achieve peak relaxation and provide the best treat after a strenuous day.

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  12. Plant Pot Tidy
    £11.99 Buy now with IWOOT

    Plant Pot Tidy

    The plant pot tidy re-defines desktop nature. This pretty plant will add colour and cleanliness to your workplace in more ways than one. With it glazed on the inside to keep your surfaces clean and dry, it means you can also pop notes, pens, accessories, anything inside it. We all have that ‘safe place’ we like to store things and this certainly ticks that box. Pretty, practical and useful, this is one of the best new job gifts.

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