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Feature: simplehuman sensor mirrors

As new simplehuman lines launch on site this spring, it’s time to reflect again, and so we did, this time with a little help from a selection of simplehuman sensor mirrors, now available on IWOOT.

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Who is simplehuman?

simplehuman seeks to improve the simplest everyday tasks by making what they term ‘tools for efficient living‘. Since 2000, simplehuman have grown to become the manufacturer of kitchen, bath and beauty tools. Their products are essential – from pedal bins to soap dispensers – robustly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

What are simplehuman sensor mirrors?

simplehuman sensor mirrors are minimalist variants of a tool that many of us typically use at least once a day. They are easy to move and manipulate and are, with their precise curvature, distortion free, even around the edges. So… they’re just mirrors right? Not quite.

Why should I buy a simplehuman sensor mirror?

What marks simplehuman’s sensor mirrors out are the ways in which their ‘additions’ to traditional mirrors are so seamlessly integrated:

Video source: YouTube

  • Tru-lux light system

simplehuman’s Tru-lux light system is up to twice as bright as the nearest competition and incomparable when it comes to simulating natural sunlight. We can’t stress this point enough! When we used the 20cm sensor mirror in the office, we were astounded by just how illuminating the Tru-lux light system is. When combined with the mirror’s 5x magnification, we saw our faces in unsurpassed and unshadowed, pore-for-pore detail.

  • Sensor on/off

Although you can turn these mirrors off manually, they will automatically turn on and turn off as soon as you are within and outwith touching distance.

  • Cordless & rechargeable

The problem of integrating a light into a mirror is that now it must have a (cable) connection to a power supply. This is swiftly negated however by the ultra-longlife, rechargeable batteries, which, from one charge, can last up to 5 weeks.

  • Never change a bulb

simplehuman have rigorously tested their LEDs. They suggest that even after 40,000 hours of use, their lights should perform as they did the first time!

  • See yourself in your best light

Exclusively to the wide-view sensor mirror, using simplehuman’s smartphone app, you can detect the ambient light of your favourite venues and sync this to your mirror, so that you can apply your make up to match the setting. This prevents, in the words of Sarah C. of, you leaving the house ‘looking like your technique involves a darkroom and a spatula'(!).

simplehuman sensor mirrors in summary

On a particularly rainy Tuesday night, with our faces illumined and magnified as few of us had experienced before, we were each amazed on the team at what our faces actually looked like – ‘it’s horrible!’ many of us joked. And yet, if you use a mirror every day, then the simplehuman mirror experience is genuinely (and even interestingly!) illuminating and should be the first item you add to your arsenal as you reflect on another year gone by and the next year to come.

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