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10 Best Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Where would we be in life without our partners, eh?

Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to appreciate the efforts of that special person in our lives and spoil them where we see fit.

This special day throws up a number of ways to make him or her feel loved, whether it’s through a unique gift, a special gesture or a funny Valentines Day card.

Cards provide the foundations for most annual holidays, giving you the chance to convey a special, personal message in a way tailored to you.

Many often ask themselves what to write in a Valentine’s Day card, but one with a special design and a meaningful message can make that task a little easier & put a smile on your partners face.

Which Valentines Day Card should I go for?

We’ve all seen plenty of cheesy, generic cards over the years that can provide the odd pity laugh. But your partner deserves better, they deserve the best.

IWOOT UK’s selection of comical cards will add plenty of humour to the special day, whether it’s through a Valentines Day card meme or a pun – these aren’t your run of the mill cards.

Give the special person in your life a thoughtful card that’ll make February 14th that little extra fun – you cannot beat the look on someones face when they open a great card.

Below we’ve selected 10 of our favourite cards that are silly, hilarious and full of memes. Allowing you to prove to your partner that you are indeed the funny one.

Best Funny Valentine’s Cards

  1. Funny Valentine's Day Card
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    Nice Tits Greeting Card

    Do cards get any sillier than this? This Valentines Day card for her is certainly a contender for the best out there and it’s quite easy to see why. Extremely blunt and very to the point, we’re pretty sure that this will put a smile on her face when she opens it – I mean who doesn’t want to read that message? This quirky design will have the pair of you and everyone else who sees it thinking ‘who said romance is dead?’

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    David Attenborough Valentines Day Card

    One thing we can all agree on in life is how much we love the national treasure that is Sir David Attenborough. The iconic natural historian is at one with wildlife and he’s one of the most vocal protesters around when it comes to the damages that climate change continues to bring. No one knows our beautiful planet like this man and he’s now around to make February 14th that extra bit special. This unique card features the great man with the message ‘what a rare species you are’, it doesn’t get much better than this. A perfect Valentines Day card for him or her, this is bound to put a smile on their face for sure. David, you’ve done it once again.

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    I Like Your Willy Greeting Card

    If you didn’t used to draw pictures of willies on everything at school then you’re a liar. Nothing could provide more laughs than these hilarious squiggles whether it was inside an exercise book or on the board, they’re brilliant. So if you’re still mischievous at heart and have a partner who’s very similar, then this could well do the trick. This brilliant, unique designed Valentines Day card for him is so childish and fantastic, with it surely guaranteed to generate plenty of laughs. Oh and we’re sure that he’ll be delighted with the message on the front!

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    Vegan Sausage Roll Valentines Day Card

    2019 was full of breakout stars & moments. Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Olivia Colman, The Joker, The Irishmen. But all of them bow down to the years real star that sent shock waves around the UK – the vegan sausage roll. When Greggs released this godly creation we didn’t know what to expect, but it’s a genuine game changer. Vegan’s and veggies can now sample the goodness of a sausage roll and it’s something that we all hold close to our heart. And if your partner is someone who’s a big fan of these culinary delights, then this card is going to blow them away. We all love vegan sausage rolls and giving them this card will prove to your lucky partner just how much you love them. Find me a funnier Valentines Day card – I dare you.

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    She's My Lobster Greetings Card

    When it comes to seafood, lobster is definitely up there with the best. They’re red, huge, extremely tasty and they don’t come cheap! It’s something that’s great to share and if you love your girlfriend as much as lobster, then this card is likely to fit the bill for you.

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    Chicken Nuggets Valentine's Day Card

    It can be rare for partners to willingly share food. Just like children, when enjoying our favourite meals many of us are unwilling to give up some of the goodness. But there are some people out there who do, with some even willing to share their chicken nuggets with you. If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone like that or find someone similar, don’t let them go – ever. And if you’re one of those special people that would be willing to do that, give your boyfriend or girlfriend this card and they’ll be over the moon.

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    Theresa May Valentines Card

    When it comes to that special someone in your life, there’s no limit to the things you’d do for them. But of all the thoughtful, caring and daring things that you’d be willing to do – would you have what it takes to run through a field of wheat? Brexit is over the line and it’s unavoidable, even on February 14th. So if you’re as adventurous and as thrill-seeking as Theresa May, this card could be perfect for you. The result of mixing Valentines Day and political memes together – it’s pretty magnificent.

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    Boo Bees Greeting Card

    Ghosts may be synonymous with Halloween and being scary, but this card is certainly far from that. This cute lil spooky design is uplifting, happy and incredibly sweet. Who’d have thought that ghosts could inspire so much joy, well ghosts are dressed as bees. Boo Bees for that matter…

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  9. Valentines Day Card

    Valentines Day Card

    Whether or not we all admit it – we all love the camera. Instagram, Snapchat, Huji, we’re always snapping our days to document our memories and make them even more meaningful. Photos bring holidays and special occasions to life, they’re also a great way of looking back on good times with that special person in your life. Not everyone is lucky enough to feature on your Insta profile but for that someone that is, we’re sure that this funny Valentines Day card will put a smile on their face. Making the commitment of never cropping them out your photos is something that they’ll never forget.

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    Kanye Be My Valentine

    We all know how much love Kanye West has to give, it’s just that the majority of it is in fact for Kanye West. He isn’t afraid to show how great he thinks he is and if you have a partner that you feel similarly about, then Kanye could well be the man to help you show that. If you’re struggling for ideas, this ‘Kanye be my Valentine’ card will provide fun and humour. And if you’re stuck for what to write in your Valentine’s Day card, just think, what would Kanye do…

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