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What’s your Flavour? x Sage Nespresso Creatista

The Sage Nespresso Creatista coffee machine launches on IWOOT this month, which means, with one of the most expansive selections of premium coffee pod variations to draw from, we have to ask: what’s your flavour?

How many Nespresso coffee pod flavours are there?

Nespresso coffee range 2017Image source: Nespresso

Nespresso currently offer 24 different types of coffee pod. These are split into six ranges: ‘Intenso’, ‘Espresso’, ‘Pure Origin’, ‘Lungo’, ‘Decaffeinato’ and ‘Variation’.

Which Nespresso flavours are best?

The best Nespresso flavour is the one you enjoy the most! Here’s a rough guide to the six ranges:

  • Intenso – typically made from blended origin beans, and, naturally, features the more intense flavours. We like the ‘Kazaar’ pod with its strong bitter taste and full and creamy texture.
  • Espresso – the short coffee! Less strong, but just as well balanced as the Intenso flavours. The ‘Livanto’ has a gorgeous roasted caramel note to it.
  • Pure Origin – these capsules typically contain beans from one location (from Colombia to India to Ethiopia). Their taste is specific to their origin. We’re big fans of the Dulsão do Brasil and a splash of milk to really bring out those velvety caramel tones!
  • Lungo – longer drinks, with more water, help to bring out the subtleties of the beans without being too instense. As a latte, which the Sage Nespresso Creatista is an expert in(!), the ‘Fortissio Lungo’ has delectable notes of sweet toffee and biscuit.
  • Decaffeinato – the ‘Intenso’ coffee pod has incredible aromas of red fruit, but minimal caffeine!
  • Variations – feature special coffee capsule flavours that are typically seasonal: we really enjoyed the ‘Apfelstrudel’ pod at the start of this year!

Sage Nespresso Creatista, an introduction

Video source: YouTube

The Creatista coffee machine from Sage by Heston Blumenthal is the first Nespresso coffee maker to have an automated steam wand. This means that, alongside your perfectly brewed coffee, just as the ultra-premium Sage Oracle, your milk will be perfectly textured; the micro foam that is essential for creamy, café-quality latte is made for you at the push of a button. The steam wand then self-purges to clean out residual milk.

So, what is your flavour?

black Sage Nespresso Creatista side-on

Image source: Nespresso

The beauty of the Sage Nespresso Creatista is that it caters for both the steadfast espresso drinkers and the surprise selectors: the premier addition of the automated steam wand means that the permutations of cuppas grows exponentially. With three milk temperature settings and four milk texture levels, coupled with countless types of milk to play with – from almond, rice and coconut, to soy and dairy (and all of the flavourings therein) – the Sage Nespresso Creatista asks: why just make coffee when you can create art?

This Spring, make sure to check out Nespresso’s special rebate of up to £40 on the Sage Creatista here.

Give us a shout – we would love to know what your flavours are! @iwoot


Banner image source: Nespresso
Video source: YouTube



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