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The Best Scratch Posters For At Home Bucket Lists

The humble scratch poster has evolved over recent years. While the classic scratch off world map is still around, there are now plenty more out there covering the worlds of food, drink, film, TV and much more.

The concept is simple: you scratch off each square as you complete it, revealing underneath a cute related image or icon. And yes, it is very satisfying completing one.

Not only do they make for great gifts, but you can also pick one up yourself to broaden your horizons in a certain area, provide inspiration, or simply act as a challenge.

They are perfect for lockdown too as you may be looking for activities to keep you entertained whilst being stuck at home, whether that is recommendations for TV shows to watch or games to play.

With that being said, here are our favourite scratch posters for activities and bucket lists to complete at home, covering all ages and interests.

And best of all, they are currently on offer for two for £20 on site!

  1. 100 Box Sets
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    100 Box Sets

    We all love a good box set binge, but often our busy lives means we are unable to indulge ourselves in one.

    Lockdown then has provided the perfect opportunity to catch up with some TV shows, giving us the gift of time, which is much needed when series like The Sopranos are 86 hours long.

    With so many shows out there though it can be a struggle to know where to start, which is where this helpful list comes in with 100 recommendations to tick off.

    From Sherlock, to Batman: The Animated Series, to Doctor Who, there is plenty to get stuck into.

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  2. 100 Movies
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    100 Movies

    If you prefer films though, or simply don’t have the attention span for long TV shows, then this is the scratch poster for you.

    Similar to the box set one, it lists 100 movies to watch from animated classics such as Spirited Away, to foreign language movies like Lagaan, and great thrillers including Se7en.

    And that’s just a few examples!

    When you have watched them, simply scratch off the panel to reveal a cute related image

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  3. 100 Books
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    100 Books

    As well as using lockdown to catch up on some classic TV shows and movies, it is also a great opportunity to get stuck into some reading as well.

    With so much choice out there though it can be a struggle to find the perfect book to read, which is where this scratch poster comes in handy, providing 100 recommendations of great novels.

    Featuring classics like James Joyce’s Ulysses, Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, you can become a book worm during quarantine.

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  4. 100 Wines
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    100 Wines

    And do you know what goes perfectly with a great novel, TV show or movie? That’s right, a large glass of wine, which many of us need to keep us going during lockdown.

    But like you, we have had enough of the bog standard Pinot Grigio and Merlot, so why not broaden your horizons, indulging your taste-buds with something new.

    Introducing the 100 wines scratch bucket list poster, featuring a range of different wines including Nebbiolo, to Silvaner, and many more from across the world.

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  5. 100 Whiskies
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    100 Whiskies

    But if wine isn’t your thing, this whisky focused one is a great alternative featuring 100 great ones to try.

    Are you a whiskey connoisseur? Do you know your Maker’s Mark from your Black Velvet? Or do you just want to try something new?

    Sip your way through these 100 whiskies from around the world including Few, Stork Club, Teeling and more.

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  6. 100 Games
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    100 Games

    Although we love to sit on the sofa with a glass of wine, enjoying a great TV show, book or movie, sometimes it is nice to do something a bit more interactive, like play a video game.

    Whether you are a gamer looking for something different to play, or someone new to the world of gaming, this scratch poster is for you with 100 recommendations.

    And once again there is something for everyone as it features racing games like Forza 7, arcade classics such as Pac-Man, and action-adventures including L.A. Noire.


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  7. 100 Board Games
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    100 Board Games

    Most of the above posters involve plenty of screen time, and of course we all need a break from our screens for health reasons, as well as simply giving our eyes a break.

    Which makes this 100 board games poster a great recommendation, but especially during lockdown as we look to keep ourselves busy and entertained whilst stuck inside the house.

    Featuring 100 of the greatest board games ever made,  play them with your family and friends for some classic fun.

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  8. 100 Cheeses
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    100 Cheeses

    Earlier on in this list we featured the 100 wines list, and do you know what is a perfect accompaniment to wine – cheese of course – making this scratch poster a great companion.

    The ultimate guide to cheese, 100 varied ones are featured which will delight your taste-buds.

    From Durrus, to Cashel Blue, to Fontina and many more, try out these cheeses from across the world.


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  9. 100 Kids Books
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    100 Kids Books

    Keeping the kids entertained during lockdown has been a struggle, but books are a great way to keep them busy.

    On this list we have already had the 100 books scratch off poster, so why not like the kids join in the fun too with their own version.

    This 100 kids books scratch off poster will definitely keep them busy and features classics such as The Story Of Tracy Beaker, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, The Tiger Who Came To Tea and many more.

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  10. 100 Things To Do After Quarantine
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    100 Things To Do After Quarantine

    Okay, so we know this list is all about activities to do whilst stuck at home in lockdown, but we can all start thinking ahead as to what to do when quarantine is over… whenever that may be.

    This scratch off poster will help you make the most of it too, with 100 activities listed from simple things such as spending time with loved ones, to taking an art class, or going on a road trip.

    Also picking up one now will also act as a reminder that lockdown is only temporary!

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