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Pancake Day: 3 Creative Ways to Bake Pancakes

Okay, so you’ve got your eggs, milk, flour and butter ready for Tuesday, you’ve conjured up your old checked tablecloth and subscribed to the annual pancake race in Maidenhead or Olney. But why not do things a little bit differently this Pancake Day and treat your guests to some pancakes they’ve surely never seen or tasted before!?

Wok Pan - Pancake Day

For anyone who’s always full after the main dish, mini-pancakes for dessert are the solution! Have you ever thought of baking cute little mini-pancakes with a raclette or even with a wok pan? It makes for a great shared activity at parties! For example, this Party Wok by Swan contains a cooking surface that doubles up as a pancake maker and we’ve heard it’s quite popular with the kids! It allows them to bake their own pancakes without burning their hands, and serves as a nice light dessert after a filling meal.

Pancakes on a Stick

Pancake Day - Verteggo

Yes, don’t flip out! With the Verteggo Vertical Cylinder Grill by Elgento, you can create instant pancakes on a stick! Just pour batter into the grill and watch it pop out. Saves you all that time flipping pancakes (and accidentally burning them of course). It might take your guests a minute to get over the surprise when they see these pancake rolls popping out for the first time, but serve them with maple syrup, and they will seem like the most normal thing in the world. Why has no one thought of these before?

Grill Instead of Bake!

Adjusto Grill - Pancake Day

To bake pancakes that are extra delicious, why not cook them on a flat-bottom plate? The Adjusta Grill and Press from Sage by Heston Blumenthal enables you to bake your pancakes quick and easy. Thanks to the non-stick flat plate that heats up in minutes, your pancakes will come out as smooth as silk. Why messing with frying pans when you can just bake them on this jack of all trades, the Adjusta Grill and Press!? Maybe this Pancake Day you’ll finally be able to leave the kitchen for a minute…

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