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Hipster Home: Quirky Home Decor

Hipsters are having a hard time these days. Their plaid shirts have been discarded, nose rings pulled out and man buns mocked. But where would we be without the hipster? Thanks to them, the cool and quirky home trends that we never though achievable are now well within our grasp. No longer do you need to hunt through charity shops and car boot sales, all of your favourite quirky home decor accessories can be found right here at IWOOT.

Strip your home back to the basics. The industrial trend has been big on Pinterest recently but we think that the theme works really to create a blank canvas on which you can start to fashion your hipster home.Rough wood, open fireplaces, and copper fittings create a minimalist artisan feel that will work really well with any quirky home decor accessories that you choose to add in.

When updating your home, a little can go a long way. Look to quirky home accessories to uplift your space. A true hipster home would grow over time. Small ornaments, trinkets, and vintage furniture would marinate over the years. If you don’t have years to put together your pad, cheat your way forward with a cool lamp, copper centrepiece and a selection of obscure books and magazines. No one will know the difference.

Retro styling makes or breaks a hipster home. Accessories and appliances should look retro-cool but still be fully functional in modern life. Vintage looking phones and speakers are the best way to cheat this trend.

Remember to stay social. Hipsters love hanging out with their friends, they like to invite guests into their home to spend hours talking about acoustic covers and French cinema and they obviously need the room to do this. If you don’t have masses of space for sofas and leather armchairs, scatter cushions and beanbags make a quirky alternative.

Nothing is a no-go with hipster home. The cuter, the quirkier, the more eccentric the better. Create a truly eclectic home decor by mish-mashing different themes and ideas.


Georgia Leitch

Georgia Leitch

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Currently obsessed with copper, marble and throw cushions, I am committed to hunting down the latest homeware trends and delivering the best gift lists. A sucker for quirky packaging and fancy treats, you can find me at the unboxing of a Mystery Gift Box.

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