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How to Host the Perfect Christmas Party

Forget limp vol-au-vents, cold mulled wine and boring party games. Ramp up the festive fun with the party of all parties brought to you from IWOOT. With tonnes of style, a hint of sophistication and unlimited entertainment, why not make it the party of the year?

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Party

How to host the perfect Christmas party – Image Sourced from Pexels

When it comes to party planning, it is easy to overcomplicate things. Keep things simple with minimal fuss but maximum fun. Upon arrival, take coats, make introductions, offer drinks but no need to go overboard, allow your friends to feel at home before plying them with jokes, gifts, and your Christmas-themed cocktails.

Simple, finger friendly food, good wine, and great company is all you really need for a successful evening. Paper plates are awkward and roast dinners don’t carry well in napkins. Why not offer various tapas style dishes that guests can go back to throughout the night. We love the Mini Serving Trays for displaying your culinary masterpieces.

Cocktails are a party must. To make life easier stick to one recipe, the SMART Margarator Pro is a great way of making a large batch of party-juice in one go. Decant into fancy barware and watch your guests’ faces light up. IWOOT recommends the Solar Martinin Glasses for maximum impact.

Entertain your friends with quirky games, and novelty fun. Photo booths are a must for getting people in the party spirit. The Insta Photo Booth and DC Comics Photo Booth are ideal for achieving the ultimate party snaps. Dress-Up Napkins, Face Mats and funny Party Faces also work as great ice breakers.

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