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Memorable Moments from the #DadsPlayDate at Paladone

We had fun with Paladone at their #DadsPlayDate

It’s hard to pick just four memorable moments from the fun filled afternoon that we spent with Paladone at their #DadsPlayDate. We weren’t sure what to expect from the Willy Wonka of toys, but boy did the afternoon surpass anything that we imagined. Throw six dad bloggers and twelve kids in a toy factory and I’m sure that you can imagine the chaos that ensued, however from the ruins of Paladone’s showroom emerged some great moments.

Paper Plane Races

Prior to our arrival, the dads and their clans had enjoyed a morning filled with cinema trips, beach walks and fun fair rides, hard acts to follow. Luckily we arrived just in time for the piece de resistance, the paper plane race. The kids had prepared their models on the bus ride home and were ready for take-off in Paladone’s enormous warehouse. The planes were off and there were two overall winners, Ally from Love All Dads and Will of Inside Martyn’s Thoughts.

A Boardroom Full of Kids

There’s something insanely amusing about a boardroom full of kids, twirling around on corporate style chairs, their little legs swinging to and fro. Well, this is the picture that we were presented with at the #DadsPlayDate, along with Dan from Don’t Believe the Hype‘s son crawling under the table.

The Chewbacca Rug

The kids were split into teams and asked to come up with ideas for the next big toy. The rules were simple, no magic, all toys must work in the real world and each idea must fit within an already existing Paladone product category. The toys were amazing, we had everything from hulk style egg cups, equipped with a hulk fist ready to smash the top off your hardboiled egg, virtual reality board games but my personal favourite never made it off the drawing board. Team Daddacool and Diary of the Dad invented the mother of all home furnishings, The Chewbacca Rug. A rug so cool and shaggy, that every time you stood on it, it let out a tremendous Wookie howl. As I said, the idea never made it off the drawing board but we really liked it.

Allo Alla Bum Bum

I think that it is safe to say that the highlight of our afternoon came unsuspectingly from Dylan who was with his Dad, Tom, from Diary of a Dad. As Tom was wrapping up their team’s presentation Dylan magically turned around and said ‘Allo Alla Bum Bum’ which he completed with (in the words of Tom) ‘a posterior-tapping gesture’. Kids do say the funniest things, and it wasn’t long until the entire room had picked up on Dylan’s humorous saying and was repeating it back.

Kidzcoolit’s Review of the Day

Although not technically a memory from the day, Hag and Con’s amazing review is really worth a watch. And check out their great new toy idea, we think it’s sure to be a major success.



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