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Back to School 2016: The Essentials

Heading back to school after the summer break is never easy. New routines, new classrooms, and new pens take some breaking in but IWOOT is here to make the transition that little bit easier.

After a long six weeks of freedom, the restraints of a desk seem barbaric. Gone are those long summer nights. In their place, you can find endless hours of homework and the occasional late detention. But going back to school isn’t all bad, 9-5 friend time, new shoes and new back to school supplies make everything better.

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Back to School Essentials – Image Sourced from Pexels

The key to easing into a new term is organisation. Start by preparing your desk at home, a tidy workspace makes a tidy mind. Sure, it would be good to read through last year’s work and look up the new curriculum but realistically will that happen?  Instead of setting insurmountable goals, arrange your desk with a computer, desk tidy, and any other organisational tools that you think you may need. We really love the IWOOT Concrete Desktop Planter and Pen Holder for tidy chic.

Before starting back, create a schedule for your household. Bathroom slots are the best way to ensure that everyone gets their ‘beauty’ time in the morning and pre-empts any nasty rows. Similarly, prepare your supplies the evening before and create a checklist to run down everything that needs to be done in the morning. We also like to plan outfits and gym kits on Sunday to make sure that there is no last minute panic.

Start your studies off on the right foot with the right tools. Note taking will become so much easier with laptop or tablet. If that seems a bit out of your budget, start off with a fresh, clean notepad and colourful pens. You can transfer any work you do in school to your PC at a later date.

The key is to remember that going back to school isn’t a bad thing. You get to see your friends and learn cool new things, you are also one day closer to the next summer holidays!

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