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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Under £10

That time of year is just around the corner again! Soon enough the mulled wine will be out, we will all be singing All I Want For Christmas Is You, and Santa will be climbing down the chimney delivering presents.

So now is the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping then, that’s if you haven’t begun already of course!

Often small gifts are a cute way of spreading some festive joy with your friends and family, being perfect presents for stockings, secret santas or just an added treat on the big day itself.


They are also great to purchase if you are on a tight budget too of course, with a low price point.

But with so much choice out there, it can be a struggle to find the perfect present.

Which is where we come in. Here are our top ten Christmas gifts this year that cost under £10, featuring the fun to the functional meaning there really is something for everyone on this list.

  1. Grow Your Own Terrarium
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    Grow Your Own Terrarium

    2020 has been the year of many things, but one positive to come out of it is the houseplant trend as people across the world started creating their very own indoor jungles inside their homes.

    Not only does the greenery spruce up any space, but plants also help breathe life into a room, helping make your home feel bright and lively.

    This Grow Your Own Terrarium set is a great gift then, being the best place to start for anyone who would like to create their own indoor garden.

    Coming complete with seeds, starter growing pots and compost discs, it is also a bargain costing under £10.

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  2. The Wallet Warrior
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    The Wallet Warrior

    This Wallet Warrior is not only a cute gift that can easily slide into any purse or wallet, but it is incredibly useful too and will come to the rescue on multiple occasions.

    Features include screwdrivers, letter openers, wire cutters and many more, including that all important bottle opener which will definitely come into use to crack open a cold one during the festive season.

    It really is a master tool!

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  3. 100 Random Acts Of Kindness Scratch Poster
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    100 Random Acts Of Kindness Scratch Poster

    Let’s be honest, as a year 2020 has really sucked and so we are all hoping that 2021 will be much better.

    This fun scratch poster then is a wonderful gift and one that could help make 2021 that bit brighter, with 100 random acts of kindness to complete before the year is up.

    The kind deeds included are rather sweet and simple too, such as lending a friend a favourite book, or cooking a meal for your family.

    It is a great way to spread both joy and positivity!

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  4. I Used To Know That: Stuff You Forgot From School
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    I Used To Know That: Stuff You Forgot From School

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without a fun novelty book would it, something to dip into when you are enjoying a cuppa tea or are looking for something to read whilst on the loo!

    And our pick for the best one to get for a gift this year is this Sunday Times bestseller which includes plenty of facts you learnt at school but have probably since forgotten about.

    That includes what the capital city of Chile is, the basics of osmosis, how to solve a quadratic equation and much more!

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  5. Magic 8 Ball
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    Magic 8 Ball

    The Magic 8 Ball is a classic gift, and one that will be an instant hit at Christmas with your friends or family.

    Throwing it back to a bygone era, this lets us indulge in some good old fashioned nostalgia, which is the comfort we need in 2020.

    And of course you can ask it whatever question you want, but we can’t promise the answer may be the one you were hoping for.

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  6. Smartphone Selfie Ring Light
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    Smartphone Selfie Ring Light

    Know a friend or family member who is always looking to raise their selfie game? Well this is the perfect gift for them!

    Easily clipping onto most smartphones, it can be used with either the rear or front facing camera to get the perfect photo.

    With three brightness levels you can always ensure you have the correct lighting for your photo, also making it perfect for vlogging.

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  7. Gin And Tonic Bath Bombs
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    Gin And Tonic Bath Bombs

    It just wouldn’t be Christmas would it if you didn’t get an array of bath products, perfect for a new year pamper session!

    And when we say bath products, of course that includes the bath bombs – an absolute favourite when you are wanting to have a lovely soak after a long day.

    Since this is the festive period too, we have picked these fun Gin And Tonic bath bombs for this list which give off the classic scent, as well as the glitter of course.

    With ten included in the pack, it is also a bargain at £7.99!

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  8. 'Director' Wooden Desk Sign
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    'Director' Wooden Desk Sign

    Many of us will still be working from home as we head into the new year, so maybe now is the time to spruce up that kitchen table, better known now as the desk.

    This is the perfect gift to get someone who wants to do just that, making their at home working space more fun!

    I mean the job title of ‘Director Of Unnecessary And Special Projects’ could apply to anything right?

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  9. Complete The Headline Game
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    Complete The Headline Game

    Games always make great gifts at Christmas as this is the time friends and family come together for some fun – and of course, an argument over Monopoly!

    There are many to choose from but this Complete The Headline card game is a great choice, especially since it is a bargain at only £7.99.

    Players will have to read out part of a real life news headline and guess the missing words, completing it in the funniest way they can. So yes, get ready for some laughs!

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  10. Up Yours Mug
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    Up Yours Mug

    A mug is always a great gift for a friend or family member, and there are of course plenty of options out there, from the cute to the ridiculous.

    And of course the rude, with this ‘Up Yours’ mug being just that, and a great way of telling the gift receiver just how you feel about them I suppose too!

    With the 3D middle finger hidden away at the bottom too, it will only appear as the lucky recipient finishes their cuppa, delivering a nice surprise.

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