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Secret Santa Gifts 🎅

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For years, the idea of Secret Santa gifts in the workplace was a Christmas essential, but now families and friendship groups alike are looking for gift ideas for their own Secret Santa events. Whether you're searching for a Secret Santa gift which is funny or an idea a little ruder there's something here for everyone, including ideas for men and gifts for women.

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The Best Secret Santa Gifts for All Scenarios

It's now easier than ever to connect and form relationships with people at all stages of our lives and when it comes to Christmas this can result in a feeling that you need to gift something to everyone. Fortunately that's where the office Christmas staple, The Secret Santa, comes into play.

Instead of trying to buy for everyone, groups pick names from a hat and buy for that person. Everyone get's something and no-one gets a huge bill for presents.

Workplace Secret Santa

The good old workplace Secret Santa, a source of humour, embarrassment and sometimes genuine caring. So don't despair, even if you're buying for boring Barry from IT or awkward Angela from accounts, IWOOT have all the best workplace Secret Santa gifts and treats you might ever need.


The concept of a Secret Santa is not the preserve of the working environment any more however. With large families, a Secret Santa is a great way to make sure everyone gets a great gift without a huge financial burden.

So whether you're shopping for your Auntie or Mum in our Women's Secret Santa section, or brother and Grandad with our selection of Men's Secret Santa ideas, you'll find something for whoever you're buying for!


Outside of work, Secret Santa is perhaps most common among friendship groups. From the girls at the gym to the parents on the school run, we have so many friends and it's nice to show people we care.

Gifting a surprise among friends is also where Secret Santa can be the most fun too. Having a giggle over a rude gift idea or just something on the lighter side of gifting, there's always something to brighten the mood and keep the Christmas spirit going.

There's a Secret Santa Idea for Everyone

We're not sure about you, but we always get nervous when the hat of names to pick from makes its way around. Chances are you're going to end up with the name of the person you don't know very well and we've all heard a story of Secret Santa gifts gone wrong. Buying for your gift recipient doesn't have to be a source of dread and fear though, we've got gifting categories which will help you narrow down your selections.

Funny Secret Gift Ideas

Funny Secret Santa gifts are probably most people's go-to gift idea and why not? The whole idea is to inject some festive fun into otherwise dreary environments and the right funny gift will give entertainment the whole year through. So forget the socks and sweeties and get something to really give a giggle.

Well That's Just Rude

No, we're not talking THAT rude! If you're buying for someone you know well and want to live a little more dangerously, check out our rude Secret Santa gift ideas for some ideas to really make them blush.

Thoughts for Him

If you've pulled a guys name out of the hat and you need some Secret Santa ideas for men, check out our complete range of gifts from gadgets to tech. We know men can sometimes be a little awkward to buy for but stick with us and you'll do just fine.

With everything form golf gifts to sarcastic socks and marvellous mugs to chocolate cheese there's no excuse for another lousy choice.

Ideas for Her

Perhaps difficult to buy for at the best of times, Secret Santa for female friends and women workmates can strike festive fear into the hearts of the best gifters. Get back on track with our Secret Santa gifts for women and let any panic fade away, all you've got to do now it pick something and make sure you get it delivered in time, after all no-one wants to be the person who's gift is late!

Even Santa's Secrets Have a Budget

Cheap Gifts, Under £10 & £5

Things are pretty tough right now, but Secret Santa shouldn't be a burden. Setting a budget is a great way to ensure a cheap Secret Santa but that doesn't mean your gift ideas have to be cheap too. With a whole host of ideas for less than a tenner and some even less than a fiver, you're in the right place to pick a perfect present without breaking the bank.