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There Are Now Only 100 Days Until Christmas

It’s official, the first Christmas blog of 2022 has arrived, which can only mean one thing: yes, Michael Bublé was right, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With the holiday season upon us and December 25th only 100 days away on September 16th, it may be time to get into action stations and prepare the wrapping paper.

We know that not everyone is ready to even think about Xmas because Halloween is just around the corner, and you can find all the necessities for the spooky season here, but hey, we’re trying to be as prepared as possible this year. Be crowned Xmas royalty thanks to your superb stockpiling of gifts, homeware, and sweet delicacies, because, let’s face it, we’ve all done the last minute shop at some point.

With 2400 hours, at most, until the turkey is placed on the table and we all wonder where those crispy roast potatoes are, it might be a sign to get all the essentials for the upcoming cheery season, which is why IWOOT UK has compiled a list of our Xmas essentials, including Christmas jumpers, Xmas decorations, Advent Calendars, and even more.

Christmas Jumpers

As we start humming the classic Xmas songs and the shelves begin to fill with selection boxes only to be devoured when the 1st of December arrives, we think it’s time to start getting the Xmas jumpers ready for the (hopefully) snowy season.

When the photoshoots next to the tree with a glass of prosecco in hand begin, the best outfit is, of course, anything with Christmas jumpers. You’ve come to the right place, whether you’re looking for novelty sweaters for couples or matching tops to really up your reputation at the festivities. From classy Christmas jumpers to funny festive sweatshirts, there are so many that seem to get funnier or uglier on purpose every year, and we are here for it.

Advent Calendars

Whether you prefer a traditional chocolate advent calendar or want to spice up your Xmas with special surprises with LEGO advent calendars or add a little more magic to your morning with Harry Potter-themed advent calendars, now is the time to buy yours before they all sell out!

Find the latest advent calendars for both adults and children at IWOOT UK and lighten up those soon-to-be frigid winter mornings with a small surprise from your favourite shows. If you are a seasoned LEGO builder or are new to the world of construction, these LEGO advent calendars will undoubtedly be on your wish list. In the run-up to Christmas, fans will find a surprise brick-built toy behind each door of the LEGO calendars, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, to construct for intergalactic adventures.

Or perhaps you or your children would like to begin their days with magic, with Harry Potter. Behind each mysterious door is a high-quality collection of Harry Potter’s most popular characters. With a bevvy of discoverable and realistic wands to cast a spell whenever you choose, the surprises keep coming.

Stocking Fillers

After we have thought of all the large gifts that will blow our loved ones’ minds, only to find out that they have purchased more than one item, it is time for some stocking fillers and tiny gifts to treat them the way they deserve.

So, while these may be minor additions to the bag on that momentous morning, choosing the correct one from our variety of unconventional gifts will make a huge difference. If your bestie can bust some moves, perhaps it’s time to challenge them with games designed to have you shaking what your mama gave you. Or maybe they’re a little (very) forgetful and have developed a fondness for plants that have all rooted from lockdown but that they constantly forget to water; yes, there’s even a stocking filler for that!

Christmas Homeware

Once the Halloween decorations have been safely stored, it will be time to pull the Christmas decorations from the loft. Many individuals decorate in various ways. Some keep to a colour theme, such as red and gold, others like the winter wonderland motif, while others do not follow a plan and simply decorate till they feel jolly. Whatever way you decorate your home for the holiday season, IWOOT UK will undoubtedly have something to brighten the mood in your home.

Keep the ice and (hopefully) snow out of your cosy room with Xmas doormats, or use Xmas cushions when snuggling down to watch Love Actually and Home Alone on repeat. You might have a Christmas tree, but what about the rest of your plants? Don’t they deserve a little cheer? There are also seasonal decorations for your plants to brighten up your side table or workplace desk for the holidays.

Secret Santa

When all the names are drawn from the hat and you feel a pang of stress because you don’t know what to get your coworker or a friend of a friend, don’t worry! We’ve all been there, and the best thing to do is be inspired and have fun! You might send your coworker a new and improved mug filled with treats to ensure that their mug is never forgotten again. Or maybe you want to improve your Secret Santa reputation with some amusing gadgets. For the friend that won’t stop going on their phone, maybe they need to be sentenced to phone jail. Or for the gadget friend who always wants to find an easy way to do things, we have you covered, so sit back and relax and hope that your Secret Santa used IWOOT UK too.

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Phoebe Whittaker

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