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Feature: Polaroid Snap Instant Digitial Cameras & Mobile Printer

Edwin H. Land conceived the Polaroid Instant Camera in 1943, when, on holiday, his daughter asked why she couldn’t see the photo of her he had just taken. In 2017, Polaroid is the name we associate with instant photography and film. Here we look into the brand and their latest products – the Polaroid Cube and both the Polaroid Snap Instant Digitial Cameras and Zip Printer – now on site.

‘For 80 years, Polaroid has created the magic of instant with a track record of innovation, producing a unique experience that transcends photography.’


How do Polaroid cameras work?

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Image source: Polaroid

Instant cameras like the classic Polaroid Spectra automatically exposed the camera film to light and initiated the developing process inside the camera unit once the photo was taken.

The latest Polaroid Snap and Snap Touch instant cameras also expose and process photos internally, utilising the zero ink system, ‘Zink’. Zink printers print onto inkless, zinc thermal paper, which reacts to the duration and intensity of heat applied to it.

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Without ink cartridges, modern Polaroids are truly compact and practical; the Polaroid Snap Touch is closer to Edward Land’s vision of a seamless and accessible camera experience for everyone than ever before.

Should I shake my Polaroid pictures?

Hey Ya! Shaking modern day Polaroid film as it develops might actually damage the image – if you do decide to shake it [like a Polaroid picture], don’t say we didn’t warn you! To celebrate the new range of Polaroid Snap Instant digital cameras on IWOOT, make sure to grab a free pack of film on us!

Which Polaroid Instant Camera is right for me?


Image source: Polaroid

If you’re looking for an all-in-one system that points, shoots and prints with crisp accuracy, then the Polaroid Snap and Snap Touch are the cameras for you! If you’re looking for a camera to take with you anywhere and print those images when you get back home or in your car, then you should snap up the Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Lifestyle Action Camera and the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter! Both the Snap cameras and the ZIP printer print images onto credit card-sized paper – modern technology for those old school feels!


  1. Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera
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    Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera

    The Snap Touch is part digital camera and part printer, allowing you to go, snap and process your photos instantly! Featuring: 3 modes – colour, black & white and vintage sepia – a self timer and a selfie mirror, whatever your shot, the Polaroid Snap Touch has it covered! An LCD screen, 1080p full HD video recording and image quality upto 13 megapixels guarantee crisp detail. Micro SD card storage upto 128GB will hold potentially thousands of photos on the camera.

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  2. Polaroid Snap Instant Camera
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    Polaroid Snap Instant Camera

    The Snap is a pro when it comes to fitting:

    • crisp detail onto 2×3″ print paper
    • into your pocket or clutch bag
    • into your budget!

    and is available in four brilliant colours: red, blue, white & black. The Snap features a 10MP camera, as well as a self-timer and 3 picture modes – just like the Snap Instant. The Snap also comes with a setting that enables six quick pictures to be taken in 10 seconds!

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  3. Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Lifestyle Action Camera
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    Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi Lifestyle Action Camera

    Fun, compact (just 35mm x 35mm!) and magnetically mount-able, the Polaroid Cube goes wherever you do! This tiny camera features:

    • 8MP, shock-proof camera
    • 124° wide-angle lens
    • Wi-Fi connectivity
    • weatherproof housing
    • a battery capable of 90 minutes of video recording on one charge
    • video quality upto 1080p
    • microSD storage upto 128GB

    With a button press, carry it, wear it or mount it and go put a different angle on the world as and when you see it!

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  4. Polaroid ZIP Bluetooth Mobile Printer
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    Polaroid ZIP Bluetooth Mobile Printer

    The pocket-sized Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity enables you to effortlessly print instant, full-colour 2×3″ photos from your Polaroid Cube or mobile phone via a dedicated Polaroid app!

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