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5 Gadgets That Every Gamer Needs

Gamers can take this activity extremely seriously, so they may want a dedicated station for this passion that has turned into a way of life. With this in mind, and in honour of National Video Game Day on September 12th, 2022, IWOOT UK has produced a new and exciting gaming gift guide for new and seasoned gamers, showcasing the top 5 gadgets to enhance this stress-relieving pastime.

When it comes to prospective gamers’ gifts, IWOOT has you covered, with everything from chairs to collectables and monitors to improve this addictive online experience. There is something for everyone to improve their gaming experience, whether you have a room dedicated to the gamer lifestyle or have created your own slice of heaven in your bedroom.

1. Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is an essential piece of equipment for any player. How can you expect to perform well if you aren’t comfortable? Increase your chances of being declared gaming royalty with a matching throne, which can make a fantastic addition to any gaming station and ensure you look the part during any live stream.

The Call of Duty Sidewinder office chair is a fan favourite and can be considered a true badge of honour. Thanks to its high-quality components and elegant appearance, you can be pushed to a new level, allowing you to rack up some serious points both on and off the screen.

As the name suggests, this chair is regarded as elite and features cutting-edge technology to enhance the experience. The RGB push button technology used by BraZen allows the chair’s user to easily switch between digital, analogue, and Bluetooth audio sources. To really wow your friends or opponents, the chair comes with a free set of audio and optical cords and may be linked directly or indirectly to nearly any audio device, including all major game consoles.

2. Monitors

A high-quality display, in addition to assuring your comfort, can be the be-all and end-all of your gaming experience. The type of display varies depending on the player and their preferences, but one thing is certain: you have to be able to see when you are killing it and have reached a new high score, regardless of the monitor you choose.

Treat yourself with the Nixeus EDG 27 IPS 2560 x 1440 AMD FreeSync Premium Certified 144Hz Monitor, a QHD PC gaming display with an AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified range of 30Hz to 144Hz for both HDMI and DisplayPort.

Nixeus continues to deliver a great gaming experience with the Nixeus EDG 34 Ultrawide 3440 x 1440 AMD FreeSync Premium Certified 144Hz Gaming Monitor. If you prefer to immerse yourself in gaming, it may be time to invest in an Ultrawide 1500R Curve PC monitor to make this gaming meta-universe all that surrounds you.

3. Headphones

Headphones are a popular piece of equipment that can help you get into the zone. To be knighted as the ultimate gamer, your area, big or small, must include at least one fantastic headset that can be worn to take a game to a whole new level, and IWOOT has a few that could be the exact headsets you are searching for.

Waves Nx takes the virtual reality experience to the next level with a totally realistic 3D sound that makes the virtual environment seem tactile. Whether you buy these for yourself or as a gift for a fellow gamer in need of an upgrade, these headphones allow you to hear, not just see, the exact location of all the elements within the game, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in the game.

This dynamic headset, built particularly for PC gaming, is great for your favourite games thanks to its mesh earpads, flexible microphone, and powerful bass. With better sound quality in games becoming increasingly important, the GXT 322 enriches your experience by allowing you to hear teammates and dodge adversaries that you may not have detected in your peripherals.

4. Headphone Stand

Don’t just chuck your headphones on the desk after a lengthy gaming session; they deserve a beautiful resting spot after supporting you in reaching the next level. Give these headphones the attention they deserve with a headphone stand, which will complement any setup, whether you are an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC gamer.

For all you PlayStation fans, the PlayStation HeadLight will not only be the piece de resistance to your setup, but it will also create a cool way to store and display your headset in your home. Make these a terrific gaming present for that one player who often loses his headphones or doesn’t take good care of them, and make them easy to find and ideal for PlayStation collectors.

Of course, no one gets left out, especially Xbox fans. For those who have multiple controllers with different styles, you can now keep them all in one spot. No more flipping your room upside down for that one game or controller since this excellent locker can complete your ultimate setup. It will not only firmly attach your headphones at the top. This is the ideal accessory, with compartments for controllers and cables, and can contain up to ten of your favourite games.

5. Gaming Lights

When the game is too good to put down and you enter the night with only the screen to light up your face, it may be time to use desk lighting to help your eyes. This will not only draw attention to your fantastic gaming station, but it will also allow you to show off your enthusiasm for specific games or franchises to any other gamers or visitors, real or virtual.

This one-of-a-kind Level Up Light with sound is designed to look like a pixelated shape seen in video games and can undoubtedly demonstrate your devotion to gaming. You can not only view this magnificent sign, but you can also hear the ‘power up’ sound every time the light is turned on.

The black shell of the lamp serves as the perfect backdrop for the white and green letters to stand out, especially when the light is on. This adaptable Level Up Light with sound is the ideal gaming gift for that difficult-to-buy-for friend, colleague, or family member and is perfect for anyone who misses the golden age of gaming.

Show off your skills with more than just a virtual scoreboard; with this collectable Xbox Achievement Light, you can finally honour your competitive streak. This is a great way to celebrate completing the last milestone in whichever game you’re playing.

The Xbox Trophy Light is an official Xbox product that is perfect for any Xbox fan or collector of Xbox-related memorabilia. It’s also perfect for any gamer’s room, den, or man cave, but be warned: they might not want to leave.

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