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3 perfect birthday gift ideas for the 21st century traveller

Today, it is not uncommon to travel for the best part of the year, whether it’s for work, a gap year or simply a string of long weekends away. Even more popular traits of the 21st-century lifestyle, are long commutes to work, travelling from meeting to meeting and spending the weekends walking around cities.

An increase in the amount and quality of digital information available to us, teamed with the lower cost of travel has resulted in the ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle becoming the everyday norm. As a reaction of this, the gifts, technology and accessories we buy are now attuned to this new way of living: we pop in our earphones on the train, chuck everything we can into our rucksacks, and we can download a mobile app for almost anything. Living has well and truly changed in the last ten years.

If we don’t live it ourselves; most of us either know somebody with this on-the-go lifestyle or at least know someone planning a trip somewhere. This is why, here at, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 birthday gift ideas for those living the on-the-go lifestyle in the 21st century.

  1. A pair of headphones for the commute
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    A pair of headphones for the commute

    If you’re on the train, plane or on foot, a good pair of headphones can be extremely handy and useful for those moments alone. Listening to your favourite songs always helps pass the endless hours spent on the daily commute, and as travelling generally requires spending time alone, there’s always time for the odd audiobook or translation podcast if you’re in a foreign country.

    Treating your road-bound friend to a pair of headphones could really benefit their trip, and provide them with a multitude of options for their listening pleasure.

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  2. A scratch map for the continent-hopper
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    A scratch map for the continent-hopper

    Maybe your friend or loved one in question is a globe-trotting backpacker who just can’t stay still? You know the kind, always eager to seek out new places: if they’re not trekking through the Himalayas they’re eating gelato in Naples; always with a plan to travel far and wide to new places.

    Why not honour their itchy feet with a ‘scratch map? We have UK, European, United States and World editions, simply choose the right one to give and let them scratch off their visited places and revel in the memories, it’s the perfect gift.

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  3. A compact camera for travelling
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    A compact camera for travelling

    This must be the number one essential for travelling anywhere. It’s natural to want to snap whatever you can, whenever you can. Unless you’re going on a specific photography holiday such as a safari trip, not many people will want to carry a heavy DSLR around with them.  This is where a compact camera will come in: a handy little accessory to pop in your bag, pocket or around your neck when you’re venturing from one place to another.

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