Yes, I am another one of the gazillion members of the human race who has rushed out and bought the new iPhone 3GS. Love it or hate it, your iPhone soon becomes your beloved child. I am one of those people who when a mate says ‘can I see?’ and make that grab for my dearly beloved little joy-making phone with their grubby paws, I get to slap their wrists, ruler-wielding teacher style, and say ‘YOU SEE WITH YOUR EYES NOT WITH YOUR HANDS!!’.

Why are we like that? Truth is, once you get your little beauty out of the traditional minimalist yet slick Apple packaging, it does have the appearance of a newborn deer, vulnerable and open to attack by vicious wolves. Each surface becomes a monstrous predator, dust becomes a bloodthirsty parasite and other people’s digits look reminiscent of the plague-carrying rats of the 1600s.

So the first thing most people do is rush out, or as I did, scour the internet for the very best protection for my baby. Something that will help it survive its expected life span of 12 months. Just type iPhone 3GS case into Google and you get a whopping 32,000,000 results. Everything from cheap knock-offs on E-Bay for 99p to really expensive cases for £40.

And then after all of this, you find THIS:

Yep, cardboard. Nature's very own Kevlar.

It is, for all intents and purposes, a wonderful piss-take at all of the above. Hell, you can even take a Sharpie marker to it – FULLY CUSTOMISABLE. It’s like the restaurants that have cardboard covers on their tables, and encourage you to draw all over it, only to discard the cover at the end.


The conclusion? It won’t save my phone from my fears, but serves as a gently reminder that I place too much of my time worrying about my phone. Who knows, I might actually let DinoWoot touch it. You see he only has the sorry little 3G version. Bless.

Oh well, there I go again…. Clearly lesson not learnt.

Thanks to Geekologie.



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