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The Top Ten Outdoor Games To Play This Summer

Now that the sun has started shining and the days are getting warmer, us Brits are spending more time in our beloved gardens.

Perfect for gatherings with friends and family, more and more of us are making the most of our outdoor spaces whether it be for BBQs or a spot of gardening.

Gardens, beaches, patios or whatever outdoor space you can get to are also perfect for games – entertainment for everyone!

Looking for something to play? We have got you covered with the top ten outdoor games to play this summer.

  1. Bat And Ball
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    Bat And Ball

    We thought we would start this list off with an absolute classic, a game that has been around for decades but continues to still be entertaining.

    Of course we are talking about bat and ball!

    This cute set includes two wooden bats covered in tropical print with easy-to-grip foam handles, and two balls. All you need for an afternoon of fun.


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  2. Pineapple Smash Game
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    Pineapple Smash Game

    Give any afternoon in the sun a tropical twist with this smashing game of aim!

    Included in the set are two posts with pineapples on top, and one flying disc.

    Go head to head with an opponent, and be the first to knock over a pineapple to win.

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  3. Beer Pong
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    Beer Pong

    Beer pong is a must for any party, and this set includes everything you need to play it.

    Just set it up on the garden table and start playing!

    All you need to win is skill, precision and a bit of luck.

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  4. Limbo
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    Another classic party game, this set includes everything you need to play limbo.

    All together now: how low can you go?

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  5. Beach Ball
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    Beach Ball

    Enjoy a slice of summertime fun with this inflatable beach ball which looks like a watermelon!

    You can play so many games with the ball, with instructions for three included in this set.

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  6. Pongsecco
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    Since we have included beer pong on this list, we had to include prosecco pong too which takes the classic drinking game to a new level.

    Just swap out the beer for prosecco, and set up the cute martini glasses which are included in this set.

    Then let the good times roll!

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  7. Disc Golf
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    Disc Golf

    Get ready to tee off with this fun twist on classic golf!

    Easy to learn and great to play with friends or family, simply stake the posts into the ground and see who will be able to complete the course with the fewest number of throws.

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  8. Ultimate Water Fight Games
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    Ultimate Water Fight Games

    The best way to stay cool this summer!

    Bring all the fun of the water park to your own garden with this set!

    It includes everything you need to soak, spray and splash your rival team, with instructions for three games included to get you started.

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  9. Light-Up Ring Toss
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    Light-Up Ring Toss

    Ring toss is a classic outdoor game, but this light-up edition ensures the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

    Select from three different light settings, then take aim and throw your rings.

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  10. Giant Playing Cards
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    Giant Playing Cards

    We don’t know about you but we love giant-sized games, whether it be Jenga or Connect Four.

    So we had to include these giant playing cards on this list,  perfect for a giant game of snap or go fish outdoors.

    You could even try your hand at some supersized magic tricks!

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