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Haunted House Party: A Halloween Playlist

Haunted House Party: A Halloween Playlist

You’ve sussed your last-minute Halloween costume? Check. How about your fright night film? Yup. And we needn’t ask, but you’ve got everything sorted for your Halloween Party, right? Including the music? Well, here’s some spooky suggestions for your haunted house party playlist, just in case…

Video: Bobby Picket, ‘Monster Mash’

Video: Michael Jackson, ‘Thriller’

Video: Harry Belafonte, ‘Day-O (Banana Boat Song)’, this clip from the fantastical comedy Beetlejuice

Video: Ray Parker Jr., ‘Ghostbusters’ from the original (and ever-brilliant) Ghostbusters movie soundtrack

Video: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ‘The Time Warp’

A little bit of camp, and a lot of creep…it’s just a jump to the left, and one hell of a night. We do hope you have a happy haunted house party this Halloween. And if they ask, tell them Boris sent you…

…and just one more, before the lights come on/go out:

Video: blink-182, ‘I Miss You’

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