Get Your Home Ready For Christmas With These Festive Decorations

It is officially November and yes, we too are wondering where did this year go, especially since we have spent the majority of it in lockdown.

November means one thing though, it is time to get ready for the festive season, and although Christmas may be different this year, you can still get into the spirit by decorating the house.

And maybe this year it is the perfect time to go the extra mile too, with so many of us spending more time at home you may as well make it as festive, warm and comfortable as possible.

So if you are looking to get your home ready for Christmas, here is a range of cute festive decorations you can’t go wrong with.

  1. Decorate Your Desk - Christmas
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    Decorate Your Desk - Christmas

    For so many of us our houses are also currently our offices, with kitchen tables transforming to desks as we work from home during the pandemic.

    Now, your usual office may put up Christmas decorations each year to spread some festive cheer amongst the staff, so why not replicate this at home.

    This ‘Decorate Your Desk’ set from Fizz Creations is the perfect way to do so, coming complete with a series of mini Christmas decorations which will add some festive sparkle to your desk.

    These include fairy lights, a mini Christmas tree, a stocking, bunting and more. A bargain for only £9.99.


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  2. Grow Me - Christmas Tree
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    Grow Me - Christmas Tree

    Okay, so we know you either have your usual tree ready to go, or have your heart set on getting a real one this year.

    But why don’t you be adventurous too, and grow your own Christmas tree this year! Of course a mini one that is, unless you want to continue growing it for several years so it can reach full-size.

    This handy kit contains everything you need to start growing a Christmas tree, including seeds, the pot and more.

    And at only £6.99, it is a bargain!

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  3. Christmas Spirit Tree Decorations
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    Christmas Spirit Tree Decorations

    It is time to get into the Christmas spirit, and we are talking literally!

    Introducing these amazing tree decorations – bright neon baubles which can be filled with your favourite spirits, from gin, to rum, to vodka, the possibilities are endless.

    This set includes six baubles with screw lids, meaning you can fill them up, pop them on the tree, and pour one out whenever you fancy a tipple.

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  4. Christmas Door Mat
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    Christmas Door Mat

    So you may already have your wreath ready, but why not make your front door even more festive and welcoming this year with a Christmas door mat.

    There is a wide range to choose from on site, but this Baby It’s Cold Outside one is our favourite, nodding towards the popular Christmas song.

    The added line ‘so shut the door’ will raise a smile, as no one wants to let inside the blustery cool air!

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  5. Christmas Doggo Cushion
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    Christmas Doggo Cushion

    Looking to make your sofa both comfortable and festive this Christmas? Well, look no further than this cute cushion, which features a dog wearing antlers and a red nose, looking like Rudolph himself!

    Available in three different sizes, you can find the right size cushion for your sofa, which will instantly transform it into the perfect space to marathon Christmas movies.

    And if you aren’t a fan of this particular doggo, there is another one on site too which features a bulldog wearing a Santa hat. Merry Christmas indeed!

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  6. Festive Pooch Toilet Roll
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    Festive Pooch Toilet Roll

    When decorating your home at Christmas, your probably ignore the bathroom as surely there is no way to make that room festive? Well, think again.

    Introducing our Christmas toilet roll, which will add some festive cheer and a degree of cuteness to any bathroom or downstairs loo.

    Featuring adorable doggos in festive outfits, this is certainly a unique bathroom accessory but one which is alive with Christmas spirit.

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  7. Christmas Pudding Coaster Set
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    Christmas Pudding Coaster Set

    Even though Christmas is set to be rather different this year, one thing will never change – the mulled wine will definitely be flowing, perfect with a mince pie.

    So why not swap out your regular coasters for some Christmas themed ones, sure to bring some festive cheer but also act as the perfect accompaniment to that mug of mulled wine.

    There are plenty on site to choose from, but these adorable Christmas pudding ones are must haves. Just look how cute they are!


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  8. Merry F*****g Christmas Mug
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    Merry F*****g Christmas Mug

    Talking of mulled wine, as well as swapping out your coasters it is also time for the festive mugs to shine, and again there is a wide range on site with something for everybody.

    This bright red one with the tagline of ‘Merry F*cking Christmas’ though stood out to us, not because it certainly leaves an impression, but it also feels rather appropriate considering what a year 2020 has been.

    Yes, it is a bit naughty but we are very here for it!

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  9. Merry And Bright Art Print
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    Merry And Bright Art Print

    The tree has been decorated, the wreath has been hung on the front door, and the tinsel is up adding some sparkle.

    Your walls may still look sparse though and lacking festive cheer, which is where our variety of Christmas art prints step in.

    Simply hang one up, for example this lovely ‘Merry And Bright’ print, and your walls will immediately not only be more lively, but also rather festive too.

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  10. Solar Santa
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    Solar Santa

    If you don’t have a Santa Claus figure already, then what are you playing it? They are a must when it comes to decorating the house at Christmas!

    This Solar Santa is our pick for this list as not only does he look good, but he is environmentally friendly too running off solar energy.

    Simply place him outside, maybe in the garden or on the windowsill, and watch as he starts swinging his bell when the sun touches the solar panel by his feet. Perfect!

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