Get Your Home Bar Ready For Christmas And New Year

The festive season is upon us! Soon enough the mince pies will be out, kids will be writing their letters to Santa, and the gin will be flowing.

Of course the gin will flow through to 2021 too, as we will be bringing in the new year in style, especially since 2020 was practically a write-off (and that’s putting it lightly).

It is time to get your home bar stocked up then with plenty of booze and mixers, but also ready to welcome friends and family in for a drink, or two, or three…

Here is everything you need to get that home bar both ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but also looking fabulous too.

  1. G & Tea Cocktail Set
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    G & Tea Cocktail Set

    Gin is still definitely reigning as the nation’s favourite alcoholic drink, making this set a must this Christmas.

    The gin will surely be in full flow this festive season, so sit back, relax and enjoy a classic G &T in style with your friends and family.

    Comprising of a beautiful pearlescent teapot, adorned with metallic gold detail, with two matching cups, a clever infusing filter basket is also included so you can add your favourite botanicals, peels or fruit to your drink.

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  2. Vintage Globe Decanter
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    Vintage Globe Decanter

    No home bar is complete without a decanter, and whilst we have many on site this globe one is our favourite, adding a touch of class and sophistication.

    Perfect for storing your favourite spirit, maybe a tasty whisky or delicious brandy, it also looks great on display and serves your drink in style.

    With a sizeable one litre capacity it won’t need topping up often (even during the festive season), whilst the glass ball stopper will keep the alcohol fresh.

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  3. Globe Ice Bucket
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    Globe Ice Bucket

    Sticking with the globe theme, this ice bucket would look great next to the decanter, also ensuring you have ice on hand to make your drink chilled.

    Decorated with a silver and black map of the world, this is an ice bucket with a difference but it also does the job well too, with a double wall meaning the contents can stay extra chilled.

    A glass lid with a silicone rim meanwhile ensures that there is a tight seal, keeping your ice safe and sound inside the globe.


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  4. LEGO Ice Cube Tray
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    LEGO Ice Cube Tray

    Of course you need ice to fill up the bucket, and whilst you could just opt for normal cubes, why not have fun with this too. Add some extra flair to your home bar!

    There are plenty of ice cube trays out there, but this cute LEGO one is our favourite, producing ice cubes in the shape of LEGO bricks of different sizes.

    That means you can find the perfect ones for your glass, keeping your drink nice and chilled.

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  5. Penguin Drink Coolers
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    Penguin Drink Coolers

    If you would prefer to use something different to ice cubes though to keep your drinks chilled, these penguin coolers are a great alternative.

    A great and adorable alternative we should say!

    Filled with sterilised water, the cute penguins will dive straight out of the freezer and into your drink, and are completely safe and reusable.

    Also with 18 in a pack, you will have plenty for a party.

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  6. 5 Piece Cocktail Set
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    5 Piece Cocktail Set

    It’s time we shake this list up! Excuse the awful pun, but we couldn’t resist it as the next item that is a must for your home bar is a cocktail shaker.

    And not just any cocktail shaker… This stainless steel set comes complete with a 700ml shaker, bar spoon, muddler, tongs and jigger, meaning you have everything you need to make a delicious cocktail at home.

    Margarita anybody? Or maybe a White Russian? What about a Martini?

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  7. Cocktail Round Chopping Board
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    Cocktail Round Chopping Board

    Lemon and lime wedges are a must at any bar, and that includes your one at home too, adding some zest to your drinks.

    This chopping board then is not only a necessity to ensure you have the perfect wedges, but the funky cocktail design will brighten up any kitchen.

    If this design isn’t your cup of tea though, there are plenty more on site, with something for everyone!

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  8. Geo Glass Tumblers
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    Geo Glass Tumblers

    Of course no home bar can be complete without glasses, and whilst you could go for traditional ones, that would just be boring right?!?

    There are plenty of funky ones on site, including these Geo Glass Tumblers, which are perfect for a short cocktail, rum and coke, gin and tonic, or any drink of your choice really.

    Each glass is hand blown and has a weighty feel to it, so you know these are quality as well as looking good!

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  9. Pineapple Bottle Opener
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    Pineapple Bottle Opener

    We have all been there, trying to find a bottle opener so you can crack open a cold one. The struggle is real, and we feel your pain.

    A bottle opener is therefore an essential when it comes to creating the perfect home bar, and there are once again plenty of options.

    We picked this rather funky pineapple shaped one for this list though, a way to get the party started in tropical fashion!

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  10. Beer Pong Set
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    Beer Pong Set

    The board games come out to play every festive season, as your friends and family gather for that yearly argument over Monopoly.

    You can bring this spirit into your home bar too, although we would hope a classic game of beer pong is more friendly, and doesn’t result in a table getting thrown over.

    This handy set comes complete with big cups and three ping-pong balls. All you need now is skill, precision and a bit of luck to succeed!

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