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Christmas Films that Aren’t the Snowman

We’ve made a list and we’ve checked it twice. You’re going to find out which films are nice.

If you are like us and you are fed up of constantly watching and re-watching The Snowman four and five times a Christmas you may be looking for a new Christmas film to pass those rainy days away. We at IWOOT have rounded up our top Christmas films just in time for the Holiday season.


If you love Christmas you will love Elf. Perhaps you have already seen this festive favourite? Well, get ready to bust this bad boy out of the DVD case and prepare for fun, laughter and maybe even a happy tear. Buddy the Elf, played by the wonderful Will Ferrell,  sets off to New York in search of his true identity. Finding that his biological father and new family are Christmas sceptics, Buddy begins his campaign for a Christmas takeover.

Elf Film

Elf – GIF from Giphy


The Nativity

A frustrated, under-achieving primary school teacher hopes to finally overturn his university rival by producing the world’s best Nativity play. Unfortunately for Mr Madden, he may be stuck with the least talented class and a buffoon of an assistant. Add some farmyard families, a trip to a maternity ward and the promise of a Hollywood director visiting the show and you have the all-time funniest Christmas film.

the nativity

The Nativity – GIF from Giphy

Home Alone

Bratty Kevin McCallister gets his Christmas wish of making his family disappear when he is advertently forgotten at home when they leave for a family holiday. Unfortunately for Kevin he soon begins to regret his wish when a pair of burglars start to target his neighbourhood and with his family half way across the country, Kevin must become pretty inventive with his plot to save his skin.

Home Alone

Home Alone – GIF from Giphy

Chicken Run

OK, so not exactly a Christmas film I know, but let’s face it, Chicken Run is a family favourite. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry it might even make you a bit hungry. Chicken, Ginger and her crew must fight to escape the confines of the farm even if that means conquering their worst fear, flying. Add a couple of rats, a pie machine and an America cockerel and you are onto a winner.

Chicken Run

Chicken Run – GIF from Giphy

Christmas with the Kranks

Not on everyone’s Christmas radar, this film is surprisingly funny. When Luther and Nora Krank find out that their only daughter will not be returning from her Peace Corps assignment in Peru, they decide to celebrate Christmas in style by planning a holiday cruise. Yet their constant rebellion against Christmas incurs the wrath of their festive neighbours, dead set on making this Christmas the most magical.

Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks – GIF from Giphy


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