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Biophilia Interiors – Indoor Gardening Ideas

Ever wondered why having the odd indoor plant dotted around the house can make you feel a little more at home? Biophilia hypothesis is the idea that humans feel a tendency to seek connections with nature. Philia is the opposite of phobia, so by having living things in your home you give yourself more opportunities to ‘feel good’ through a natural attraction toward nature. Are you feeling a little demotivated and blue at home? Or is your home feeling drab and dreary? Why not give it a go!

Adding nature to your home is easy, and we here at IWOOT can help! If you have had plants before but you haven’t had much luck keeping them alive, don’t let that put you off! You can choose plants that need minimum maintenance and you can get just as much enjoyment out of them as you would with higher maintenance plant species. When you go to buy a plant from your local garden centre, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. However, to give you a brief idea we have collected together a few key indoor favourites!

  1. Succulents 

    These are adorable little plants that need little watering, and little light! Perfect for those who live in homes with minimal natural light.

  2. Rubber Plant

    If you are looking for something a little on the leafier side, then this rubber plant might do the trick! It prefers to be in direct sunlight, and will need watering more regularly with its soil only getting slightly dry between waters…however always be careful not to drown your plant – the soil should remain evenly damp at all times. These plants can come as table plants, but can grow to be quite tall floor plants if cared for and re-potted occasionally.

  3. Cacti 

    Again these cheeky looking little delights need little watering. Due to their original desert habitat, they do need a little more light then you might think. So if you are not home very often, but have rooms in your home that flood with sunlight at some point in the day, then these little beauties will be quite happy.

  4. Ivy

    This classic climbing plant is typically seen outside, but is an easy maintenance plant that can look great indoors. Why not keep your indoor plant collection looking quirky and hang some ivy in an upside down planter like this one? They are so easy to fit and cost just £9.99 at IWOOT!

Filling your home with plants can be rewarding by setting a relaxed tone throughout your home. You can go one step further and include multifunctional plants to your collection. Indoor herb allotments can be a great way to encourage you to save money and become more sustainable by cooking at home and ditching those ready-made meals. Why not pick up some basil and try making a classic Italian dish? Or make a homemade minty marinade for Sunday roast lamb?

Get yourself started with IWOOT! We have a variety of options on offer including one off seed kits, desktop herb gardens. and funky planters to store them all in!

We hope we have given you some inspiration to bring some flora into your home! Remember house plants make great gifts for her and gifts for him too so if you already have a house full of greenery, we hope we have given you some extra gift ideas…perhaps even a gift for dad this Father’s Day?

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