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3 Essential Appliances for the Dreaded Spring Clean 2017!

All of the tools required for a thorough clean of your house this spring will be found from next week on our Spring Clean page; here we outline the origin of the phrase and three major appliances and two smaller ones to give your house the scrub it might not want but might just need!

Where does ‘spring cleaning’ come from?

Spring cleaning has myriad supposed origins attached to it. In the West, the phrase seems to stem from the 19th Century, when housekeepers would leave windows and doors open around the start of March to allow the warmer breezes to take the soot and dust of the winter out of the house, without as many problematic insects invading the home as might in the summer.

What does a spring clean consist of?

A spring clean is a ‘deep clean’ of the house that often involves cleaning every surface and every floor.

What do I need to tackle the dreaded spring clean?

1. Vacuum cleaners & carpet washers

Top of the essential spring cleaning appliances list is the valiant vacuum cleaner. Where power cords were once the bane of most people’s tidying up routines, cordless vacuums have recently really made their mark. Previously, a trade-off for easier mobility was lesser suction, or with great performance shocking battery life. In 2017, the Bosch Athlet can be charged easily at any socket, boasts up to 60 minutes of battery life per charge and performs comparably to mains-operated vacuum cleaners – all of which earns the appropriately-named Athlet a Which? Best Buy award.

In our selection of vacuum cleaners and carpet washers for every budget this spring, we also recommend the Numatic George Wet & Dry Vacuum, the marvellous Morphy Richards Supervac 2-in-1 and the robotic, stand-back-and-watch-it-go, Pifco Robotic Vacuum Cleaner!

2. Bin

Once you’ve collected the dust and hairs of winter, you’ll need somewhere to empty them: enter the dustbin! We’re big fans of simplehuman’s simultaneously practical and aesthetically-pleasing approach to homeware appliances and accessories at IWOOT. And the simplehuman Rectangular Brushed Steel Pedal Bin is no exception.

It sits flush against flat walls, has no inner plastic tube to get stuck as you pull the bag out, and is smudge-free – fingerprints don’t leave a mark! – so when you’ve cleaned the house the bin will stay looking spotless too.

3. Iron

Once you’ve given all your bedsheets and linen a rinse, you’ll likely look to work those creases out: #3 on our essential spring clean appliances list is the iron. The new Tefal Ultraglide Anti-Scale range utilises a removable scale collector that prevents blockages and the resultant loss of steam over time that most irons are afflicted by. For effortless ironing and maintenance this spring, make sure to check the Tefal range out on IWOOT!

4. & 5. Lint Remover & Spider Catcher

Not just for clothes, why not try your new lint remover on lampshades and curtains? Finally, our spider catcher provides ideal means to transport humanely out of doors the creepy crawlies that settled indoors for the winter!

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